3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One Flaw in Women

God doesn't give you the people you want; He gives you the people you NEED... to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you into the person you were meant to be.

One Flaw In Women
Women have strengths that amaze men

They bear hardships and they carry burdens,
but they hold happiness, love and joy.
They smile when they want to scream.
They sing when they want to cry.
They cry when they are happy
and laugh when they are nervous.
They fight for what they believe in.
They stand up to injustice
They don't take "no" for an answer
when they believe there is a better solution
They go without so their family can have
They go to the doctor with a frightened friend
They love unconditionally
They cry when their children excel
and cheer when their friends get awards
They are happy when they hear about
a birth or a wedding
Their hearts break when a friend dies
They grieve at the loss of a family member,
yet they are strong when they
think there is no strength left
They know that a hug and a kiss
can heal a broken heart
Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors
They'll drive, fly, walk, run or e-mail you
to show how much they care about you
The heart of a woman is what
makes the world keep turning.
They bring joy, hope and love
They have compassion and ideas
They give moral support to their
family and friends
Women have vital things to say
and everything to give.



Please don't ever forget your worth, realize what a treasure you are in God's eyes and in the eyes of your family and friends.  There may be moments when you feel  under appreciated, overloaded, and rung out like a rag, but your value is unmeasurable and your beauty shines like some of God's brightest stars.  

Take time to MEASURE your worth today.


  1. Thanks for sharing this with everyone. After my day yesterday it was just what I needed to read today! I hope you don't mind but I posted it on my blog too!

  2. Sarah you are more then welcome to share that on your blog, I don't have a problem with anyone copying it. A good friend sent it to me via email and I just had to share it with the many beautiful women that read my blog. So glad it lifted your spirits some after a hard day.

  3. Love this! So true!