3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Diaper Bag debate goes on

Ok ya'll know a few days ago I posted a list of baby girl needs/wants and part of my list included my search for a great diaper bag that will work for Rachel, but will also double as a stylish purse for me.  So these are the diaper bags I have narrowed it down to and I need your opinions and HELP in choosing.

I am really partial to this classic black and white one called the Fleurville Lexie Diaper Tote in Black Bouquet by JJ Cole, which retails for $129.00 HERE 

and then choice #2, the Kalencom Midi Ultimate Tote Diaper Bag in Paisley Pink, it sells for $69.95 HERE

and then finally choice #3 is the OiOi Giraffe Tote Diaper Bag, which retails for $159.99 HERE at Amazon

I am still going to purchase this one from Pottery Barn Kids so long as it is still available next week and on sale (currently selling for $29.95).  I want a bag I can carry on Sunday to church that I can leave in the nursery and carry my normal purse with me to SS and Worship.  The diaper bags above will be for when I am out and about with Rachel and the boys and need to have their life and mine in one handy bag ;-)


  1. first choice- the giraffe print
    second choice- paisley
    third choice- black and white :)

  2. I am having trouble picking one too but I do think I might get that potterybarn one!!!

  3. Oh my gosh! I love that solid pink one! But I don't know if you would want that as your purse all year round so I am going to vote for the giraffe print! So cute and classy!!