3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Sunday, July 11, 2010

FINALLY something checked off the list

In my recent post updating about our pregnancy, I complained A LOT about the LONG list of things we need to get done around here to make a room for Rachel.  However, there is also a couple of things I didn't anticipate being on my list between now and October that have gotten in the way.


Our five year old washer broke in a MAJOR way.  The inner drum of the washer broke one of it's "spider" brackets and the part and labor was going to cost us OVER $500 to get it fixed.  So of course replacing the washer was a smarter avenue to take, so this weekend we set out on a mission to find a washer for under $600 that would match up with the sister stackable dryer that is still working fine (it was sitting on the patio during this photo while my MoG tired to work on the washer).

However while out running errands I went into one of my favorite consignment shops and found a solution to #2 
of my unexpected issues that needed to be solved.

A friend of my husband gave him this TV for free, it was younger and BIGGER then our TV and of course that got my husband's attention.  However, what he didn't pay attention to before he said YES to the TV, was that it was bigger then the entertainment armoire that we had and weighed over 300 pounds.  SO, of course this meant I had to find a new home OR sell the entertainment armoire I had and loved, and find a new cabinet that would handle the weight of the new TV.  

While I was in the consignment shop I saw this LARGER entertainment armoire that I was pretty sure would fit the new TV and could handle it's weight, along with providing me all the storage that I needed and more.  Even better it was marked down from $300 to $179, I just wasn't sure that it's height would fit in the space below our mechanical soffit in the living room.  So my husband met me back at the house and we took measurements and headed back to the consignment shop.  It ended up working for our space and it came home to live with the assistance of my BiL and my nieces boyfriend.

Fitting under the soffit by a HAIR ;-)

So with the TV armoire solution solved, I finally have the huge beast of a TV out of my office so I can begin to function in there and pack up the room to prepare it to become the boys room.  We have decided to move the boys into the office space and make the boys room the nursery.  The reason my HUSBAND came up with this solution, is because the color of the walls and the natural molding in the office already works for the boys, but if I made it the nursery my husband knows I would want him to not only paint the walls but also paint the molding white.  He sure does know me ;-)  

The washer problem we have decided to hold off for one more pay period.  My parents are going to be out of town for over a month on vacation across the United States, and so we will be able to use their washer upstairs while they are gone. We have found a brand new replacement at the ding and scratch appliance store and have already talked the owner down $50, so we are down to a price of $500.  BUT, we are hoping to talk him down a smidge more because it has been on his floor for a long time.  Hopefully SOON I will be back into the world of daily laundry instead of climbing the stairs with heavy baskets.


  1. That's a beautiful armoire!! Oh and laundry and stairs? That's how I do it all the time - Hope this pay period goes by quickly as those baskets can get really tricky to walk up and down esp while pregnant.

  2. Thanks, I liked it too, I am not overly happy with the iron design up in the top arch of the armoire, but I can live with it. I thought of taking it off, but it would leave two holes in the face of the upper molding and I don't want to add another project to my list HA.

    The laundry up and down the stairs I could handle for the most part, its just that I am carrying heavy WET laundry back down to our dryer, so that is a bit more acquired.

  3. WOW! Your consignment shop must be awesome! I don't think I could ever find anything like that there! haha. I also hope that your washer problem gets resolved quickly! We don't have stairs seperating ours, but ours are in seperate rooms. And, I hate it. But it is managable!