3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pregnancy Journal - LONG awaited update

I am presently 34 weeks + pregnant and although I have dropped some hints here and there as to how things are going currently in the pregnancy I haven't given any details, so here is the status of things.

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It seems so amazing that we are within 5 weeks of little Rachel being here, but more then likely due to current circumstances it is even less time then that.  The last time I updated ya'll we had gone in for our 3D/4D ultrasound and instead of it being totally fun, we found out that the amniotic fluid was half of what it was supposed to be, I should have been 10-12 and instead I was a 6.  So they asked me to rest as much as possible and drink plenty of fluids and they would repeat an ultrasound the next week to see if the amniotic fluid had come up any.  

With HUGE nerves we returned for the ultrasound the following week and got the fantastic news that the amniotic fluid had come up a little more then 1 point to 7.2, we were so excited that we forgot to ask any questions.  So they scheduled me for a 2 week follow up after that with no big restrictions, just to rest when I could, so I took it easy with no big lifting or big amounts of time on my feet and I returned this past Friday.

That is when things hit the fan, it was really strange because I had gone to Target just before the appointment to buy some things I hadn't gotten at the baby shower that I still needed in case Rachel makes a quick arrival. It was as I was sitting in the waiting area that I realized how big my feet where.  Then when they called me back and my first stop was the scale I about lost it when I saw I had gained over 9 pounds in a 2 week period.  They moved me to the next waiting area and I literally felt like my feet were getting bigger as I sat there.  They took my vitals and my blood sugar and blood pressure were all fine.  BUT, when the doctor came in he looked at me and he said, "this is totally not a social comment it is a medical comment . . . . . your face looks puffy."  I literally could feel my face tingling and I was in shock at how quickly it was hitting me.

I had missed 3 days of my blood pressure medication, which also helps with water gain (keeping it from happening).  The doctor decided to do a non-stress test on me, some extra blood tests, and up me to once a week appointments including ultrasounds.  He didn't seem to be concerned with the intense braxton hicks I have been having and he MEANT to do a pelvic in my that day, but in the craze of trying to do all the other tests on me he seemed to forget and I didn't remember until check out that he hadn't done one.  The doctor ordered me on FULL bed rest for the whole weekend to try and get the swelling down and to my surprise he called me later in the day and asked me NOT TO return to my blood pressure medication because he thought it might be contributing to the amniotic fluid level problem.

So, I made it through the weekend but my feet still swell up pretty quickly if I am up for long, so I am still trying to keep them up as much as possible until I see the doctor again this Friday.  My sister who is an RN and I both think he will end up moving Rachel's c-section up because at this point she seems to be doing fine but I am not responding well to the end of the pregnancy, the water weight gain is too much for my body and we aren't sure how much more stress I can physically handle.

It is difficult to depend on other people, but I am so blessed to have a fantastic family and extended church family support system.  God has blessed us so much throughout this pregnancy, He has held Rachel in His hands when doctors thought I was loosing her earlier in the pregnancy and He watched over her this past month with low amniotic fluid.  I know that God will once again watch over her and I over these next few weeks and get us as close as possible to a healthy delivery date.  Continue to pray with us for God's victory and safe delivery of our little angel!

In addition to the other problems, Rachel is also breech position and with the current amniotic level she is unlikely to turn.


  1. My word! What a crazy time you have been having! But, you can defintitely see God's hand at work! I will be praying for you and Rachel as the time draws nearer for her arrival!!

  2. Oh my- I had the same trouble at about the same point in my pregnancy (my baby is 4 weeks old now0. The fluid ended up getting into the lining around my heart and made for a dangerous situation for both me and the baby. Everyone seemed to think it was normal pregnancy water retention, but it wasn't. So please make sure you get right in if you have pressure in your chest or difficulty breathing.
    I will be praying for you!