3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Monday, September 27, 2010

YET ANOTHER Project checked off the list

Together my MoG and I have been working on finishing some projects as we try to get ready and settle our home for our new little addition.

This desk has now been through 3 re-vamps.  I originally built this peace while in college for a project while I was studying for my architecture degree, and in its original form it was supposed to be a "Sanctuary Piece" in the form of a chair. Don't ask me to explain the definition of the project, because I didn't fully understand it then, but I selected to create a chair that looked like miniature canopy bed.

When I no longer had a use for the "Sanctuary Piece" but still did not want to let go of my hard work, I decided in the first re-vamp to convert the piece to a desk for my husband on his 40th birthday.  So I secretly used my BiL's shop and created a VERY large 4 x 6 desk (at the time we had two desk top computers and I wanted them both to fit on the desk).  One part of the desk never got completed, I had cut the opening for the keyboard tray, bought the hardware for the tray but ran out of time to complete it before his birthday.  So the keyboard tray never got done because it ended up going to the bottom of the project list once the desk made it into the house.
This is the only picture I could find of the desk, you can see it is 
much deeper in size and that the keyboard tray is absent.

So recently we had to give up our office as we began the process of getting ready for child #3 and we could no longer afford to have a separate space for an office.  I still did not want to let go of the piece because I had made it, and so I asked my MoG to convert the desk for a second time, this time to cut down its very large size and make it more of a bedroom size desk, and here is the finished results, along with a completed keyboard tray.
The legs are my favorite part and were the posts for the original piece.  I don't think I would be hired by a furniture manufacturer for my leg turning skills, but I think they turned out pretty good (NO pun intended).

We still have a long way to go on our project list, and I imagine that it will always ebb and flow in it's size, but we are at least making some headway.

MY Honey and Me-Do-List:
(1/2 Done) Take down white paneling in bathroom and re-surface walls
Paint Bathroom
Change out bathroom light fixture
Install new bathroom towel bars, hooks, etc.
Paint kitchen new color (still to be selected)
Touch up paint in living room and dining room
Make Dining room roman shade or valances
Remove window seat in Dining Room
Patch and finish flooring where window seat WAS
Refinish china hutch and install new molding details on it
Make new toss pillows for sofa
Make valance for slider
Frame family photo and hang in LR
Build new shelves in Master Bedroom
Revamp desk and put in Master Bedroom
Finish small closet in MB and install shelves for office storage
Paint MB closet dressers white and install new drawer pulls
Paint MB and touch up Molding
Re-upholster makeup stool
Upholstered headboard?
New lamps in MB
Flat Screen TV in MB
Paint Rachel's Room
Finish growth chart mural in RR
Install new curtain hardware in Rachel's room
Re-upholster rocker for Rachel's room
Paint bookshelf for RR
Paint crib
Buy a rug for RR
Paint picture frames for RR white
Buy a rug for boys room
Frame cowboy prints and map for boys room


  1. You've been nesting! Take it easy and I mean it in a good way :)

  2. Oh my word!! Your list makes me want to take a nap! haha! Your new desk looks great!! :) Can you believe you are in your last month? Crazy!

  3. That desk is fabulous - I love the legs! Looks like you guys have your work cut out of you with your to-do list. Hope that you are able to get it all done before your little one arrives.

  4. Just a little Clarification, although I do dream of getting all this list done before Rachel comes so I can just sit back and breath and enjoy my new family. BUT, really it's just the bedroom projects that I REALLY want to get done before she arrives. ;-)