3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baby Girl {Hospital Notes}

Day 7
(transcribed from diary I kept in Rachel's NICU space)

Last day of antibiotics
Visit from CDSA - Child Development Services Agency
     They will be "social workers" to supervise Rachel's medical care and make sure we are getting all the medical and therapeutic are that is available and/or needed throughout Rachel's first three years of life.  They will connect with us about 3 months after Rachel is out of the NICU OR when Rachel is 3 months old which ever comes sooner.

They will check Rachel's thryoid tomorrow and platelets
Should be @ 30ml of breast milk, goal is 60-70ml

Saw genetics doctor again today at 1PM, Dr. Humberson) more info that I can't really seem to take in right now but I did catch that by age 5 or 6 is when most DS parents typically know most of their child's health issues that they will deal with during their life (major health issues).  So does this mean 5-6 more years of sitting on pins and needs waiting for the other shoe to drop, not sure I can take much more of this.

**Please pray for Rachel tomorrow, she will have another platelet test in the morning, so far they have stabalized at 72 and the doctors are hoping they will be 100 or above tomorrow. Her Hematorcrit and White blood cell count has come into normal range and so far Rachel is tolerating her feedings really well, they are hoping to release her Monday. Thank you all for your prayers, Rachel had a good day today!


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