3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, October 29, 2010

Baby Girl {Hospital Notes}

Day 8

(transcribed from diary I kept in Rachel's NICU space)

Arrived at 8AM for overnight report and then walked down to the cafeteria for breakfast while the change of shift was happening and returned at 8:35

Morning report:
Platelet 56
CBC's showing an infection, planning to retest at noon
9AM feeding only did 30ml and spit up.  Going to let her rest and try with increase at noon to 40ml with a slower nipple on the bottle
The lactation team is recommending Fenugreek to help with my milk supply 3 tablets 3 x daily 

Noon Report:  Platelets even lower into the 40's but not showing infection, hematologist wants to wait until Monday for retest (which I am not comfortable with).  It does not make sense to me why they would wait ALL weekend to retest when she is already at low 40's, are we going to wait until she drops to a critical point before taking action!!!!

I can't keep taking this roller coaster ride alone, I need David here with me hold onto, to vent with, to help question things, I can't take this much longer.

**Update:  Feeling so blessed, between Hilary, Mom, Dad, Cassandra, and Calli they all pitched together for David to hop in the car and come rescue his overwhelmed wife and spend the night. Cassandra will bring the boys for their first visit with Baby Sister tomorrow. I am feeling more peace with David by my side. Rachel is resting comfortably and on his way here he picked up the recommended Fenugreek so hopefully with him sharing the stress and these pills BOTH Rachel and I will have a uphill swing this weekend.


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