3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday's List - Fall Fashions

Over at love from texas, Jessica is doing Fall Fashions for this weeks Tuesday's List.  These days I am still obviously living in maternity clothes and I have no clue how soon I will be able to switch back to NORMAL clothes.  In the fall you can usually find me in a pair of of jeans and a nice comfortable t-shirt.  But I am praying that I will  be able to quickly recover from the c-section and get back to the gym to take off some of the baby weight gain, so here are my picks for fall fashions post pregnancy.

I have already ordered this black knit shelf bra dress from Casual Living USA.  I already have several nicely cut denim shirts/jackets to wear with it and all I have to pick up is a pair of boots and I have a great comfortable fall outfit.  ONLY problem is that it won't be easy to nurse Rachel in this dress.

I am loving the sweaters and vests I am seeing in the fall catalogs, I love layers and I think both of these styles from J Jill provide a nice fashion statement.  AND I think my new "black" this fall is going to be Grey.  I love this one from Soft Surroundings, I just bought one similar in black to go with a dress I have, but all three of these styles would also be fantastic layered with jeans.

I KINDA like this dress from Avenue, but I am not overly comfortable with the skirt lenngth of dresses this fall, most skirts are just slightly above the knees and I am more of a below the knee kinda girl.
This one from Soft Surroundings in more my style and is very flattering to a plus size figure.

This is a post I wrote about a week ago on this same topic if you would like to see more of my fall picks.

I feel like I have been in maternity clothes so long that I have no idea where my body will be post pregnancy and it's hard to even think about Fall Fashions, but I would love to see what you think is hot for the fall.  Hop on over to Jessica's blog and post your hot fall picks with Tuesday's List.


  1. I agree with the new black. I have noticed Grey has been everywhere lately! I just can't give up my black though... I don't think Grey is my color! haha
    Good Luck with your c-section recovery :)

  2. What gym do you go to here in New Bern? We have been thinking of going to Gold's gym. Dunno if it's nice there.

  3. My life actually runs in the opposite direction. I go to Gold's gym in Morehead and only go to New Bern on rare occasions when I am running to New Bern to go to Target or a doctors appointment. I also love Snap Fitness, but had to switch to Gold's because they had childcare, wish Snap did. If you don't have kids to worry about or have the time to go while they are at school I would recommend checking out Snap Fitness in New Bern, better rate and 24 hr access.