3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Thursday, November 18, 2010

December party profits go to Ronald McDonald House

I have been a Constulant with Southern Living at HOME,  now known as Willow|House, for seven years.  Willow|House (Southern Living at HOME) works hand in hand to support the efforts of CUT IT OUT and Juvenile Diabetes.  However, as much as I support the efforts to raise funds for both of these organizations, this December I will be donating my profits to the Ronald McDonald House in Greenville, NC.

As you know when our little Rachel was born, she was airlifted to PITT Memorial Hospital where she lived the first three weeks of her life in the NICU.  The social workers at the hospital knew I desired to be by Rachel's side as much as I could and arranged for me to stay at the Ronald McDonald House of Greenville.  I never thought that we would ever been in a position to need the services of the RMcD House, but when we found ourselves facing Rachel's uncertain medical needs an hour and a half from our home, they provided me a comfortable and safe place to stay. 

The Ronald McDonald House provided me with a private hotel like room, along with a hospital grade breast pump so I could provide for Rachel as soon as she was able to feed. All I had to do was pay $10 per night to cover the cost of my room, if I couldn't afford that then they asked for whatever I could pay or nothing at all.   In addition, the had a fully equipped kitchen with a pantry closet STOCKED with food to fix for breakfast and lunch, and dinner each night prepared by volunteers.  They also had a FREE shuttle service that picked me up at the house and dropped me off at the children's hospital whenever I needed it.  Ronald McDonald gave me a place to rest and heal while I tried to stay as many hours in the day at Rachel's crib side.
So in an effort to help them continue the work they do to help families like ourselves through a difficult time, I am giving them all of my December profits.  So go to our willow|house catalog and shop for your remaining Christmas presents OR stock your gift closet with some great willow|house deals.  Shop with me before December 15th and they will ship directly to your home and YOU will help to raise money to help other families in need stay with Ronald McDonald.

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