3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Fresh Start and Goals

After the year we have had I am so happy to have the feeling of a fresh start with the beginning of 2011, and with fresh starts I love to review and update my goals for self, family, home, and blog.

  • Daily devotional time
  • Work on being a happier and more positive person, not dwelling on the stumbles of daily life, this past year was hard, but I need to focus on moving forward into a happier and calmer new year.  My new motto "Don't stress over the small stuff focus on the things that matter and will last"
  • Return to my 2009 weight loss success and make time for myself at the gym and at home to exercise.  Prior to the pregnancy I had lost over 20 pounds and thankfully I have returned to my pre-pregnancy weight.  SO, now I just have to get back on track.
  • Take more pictures of ALL of the kids and make a stronger effort to get them into the kids memory books and our family photo albums.
  • I know this is VERY personal, but finally buy myself some new bras.  ;-)
  • Continue with our family goal and success with pre-bedtime reading, devotional and prayers with the boys.
  • Family date night once a month.
  • Date night the hubby at least every other month.
  • Family vacation trip to see my MoG's family in New York
  • Family weekend trip to any where but here
  • David and I to take a David Ramsey financial class TOGETHER at church and to get our finances and debt under control
  • Finish bathroom remodel
  • Finish decorating Rachel's room (curtains, rug, side table, and lamp)
  • Finish Rachels sewing projects, quilt, pillow covers, and  basket liners
  • Buy new bedspreads for the boys room and large map for framing
  • Finish organizing office supplies in the finished closet addition.
  • Post more often and more personal journal type entries of life with our 3 little Miracles
  • Have The Design Girl do another makeover of my blog in honor of our 3rd addition and my 2nd year of blogging.

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  1. I love the one for yourself to buy new bras, ha! I think we should all do that a little more often :P Your kids are so cute! I think I always have a goal of losing weight EVERY YEAR. Maybe this will be the one I actually meet my goal? We'll see...