3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Love this product and have to share

While Rachel was in the NICU I was introduced to a product that I have fallen in love with and I just have to share it with you, especially in this cold weather season. 

If you have ever had an experience of a child in a NICU or any type of intensive care unit, you know you have to wash your hands before you can walk into the unit and of course any time you walk away and come back to your loved ones crib/bedside.  So during the three weeks that Rachel was in the NICU my hands literally became raw with cracks and bleeding due to the constant washing and contact with alcohol based hand cleaners.  One night I asked the nurse taking care of Rachel how her hands survived the daily CONSTANT washing.  I mean I wash my hands all the time at home, but when your in a hospital setting, especially and intensive care unit, you have to wash your hands every time you touch something else, before you touch the patient.  You reach into you purse, then you either wash you hands OR Purell them.  You read a book and its time to change the baby or feed her, then wash or Purell your hands.  Leave the unit for lunch or the bathroom, you wash your hands before coming back to the unit AND Purell them as you walk into your babies NICU isolette area.  With a nurse the constant hand washing is 10x more, so after I asked the question the nurse handed me this.
This product is normally sold through medical websites or stores, but you can also find it on sites like Walgreens or Amazon.  Believe me please, if you suffer this time of season with constant drying and cracking of your hands, this is the product for you, it is AMAZING.  Medline Remedy did wonders for my hands the last week of Rachel's stay in the NICU and it is still doing wonders for my hands right now.  You will love it, it has a wonderful fragrance to it too (not too strong), go ahead and get some for yourself ASAP.


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