3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, February 11, 2011

Show Us Your Life - Beauty Secrets at 42

Kelly is hosting Show Us your Life - Beauty Secrets today and although I feel I really don't have anything to offer in the area of BEAUTY these days (I am still feeling the after pregnancy UGLY).  AND even though I am not happy with my "beauty" at this moment in my life, I thought I would still join in with what little "cents" I have in the area of beauty tips.

I have never  been much for wearing makeup all day long, in fact I don't really care for the feel of makeup on my face.  However, about a year ago I was introduced to Bare Essentials by a friend of mine, and I love it because it is very light.  I use a 3 part system.  I feel like the key thing to wearing makeup as a 42 year old mother of 3 little Miracles, is that I apply makeup for where my skin is at this point in life (laugh lines (sounds much better then wrinkles)) sags, bags, and shadows. 

A.  L"Oreal Age Perfect under my eyes to cover up shadows and morning baggage
B.  Bare Essentials for the rest of my face.  I love how light weight it is, and I don't even know it is on even on hot days and if I purposely don't  forget to wash it off at night, I don't feel like my pours are clogged up all night long.

C.  Finish with Mascara and a Simple lip gloss with very little color to it.
Skin Care:
I am lucky enough that my skin is fairly free of blemishes.  I don't do a regular skin care regime every morning and evening, I only use skin cleansers on really humid days (in other words most summer days when I have been outside) or when I just feel like an extra fresh feeling to my skin before bed.  These are the products I use when I am in the mood ;-)

Olay Daily Facial cloths for a quick face wash
Arbonne NutriminC Antiaging, for deeper cleaning

The final key to my "Beauty" secrets are these two moisturizers.  I WOULD NOT live without my BeautiControl moisturizer products.  One is a moisturizer for my face, Skinlogics, I HATE the feel of a heavy moisturizer on my face and really worked with the consultant to find the right one for me.  Skinlogics is perfect and light on my face before bed.  Finally, I use this other product pretty much all day, the Extreme Hand Repair Cream.  My hands get very dry and cracked especially this time of season and this saves me so much literal pain.

So that is it, at 42 years of age, I am mistaken for a woman in her 30's often and some really bad age guessers even go so far as to card me, HA.  I don't do a lot of special routines, I have tried several times to change my beauty habits, but fall back into skipped nights of not washing my face.  So I guess I am just lucky to not have skin problem for my sometimes lazy skin regime.


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