3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Double Date Night

Last night we escaped the house with the help of my niece Hilary so that we could have a wonderful double date with my sister April and my brother-in-law Calvin.  We had an amazing time talking, walking, and eating yummy food in historic downtown New Bern.
We first had dinner at Ribeyes Steakhouse, which is in a renovated bank building on Pollock Street.
The atmosphere is wonderful with huge black and white images of historic New Bern hanging on the wall of the main dining room floor.  We started out in the bar drinking our diet Pepsi's (I would have preferred diet coke, but what can you expect from the town where Pepsi was born) while we waited for our table.  Then we were seated at a lovely bench table against the window, perfect.  The chef came to our table to take our order on how we wanted our steaks and then while we waited for our entrees we took advantage of the fantastic salad bar which is situated right next to the old vault.
In fairness to my hubby, I was really trying to snap a picture of the decor, so he wasn't really ready for this picture
My sister and I got the giggles during dinner because the girl at the table next to us looked like she was wearing a bra over her dress shirt.  Every time I looked across the table, my sister seemed to be taking a sideways look at this lady.  I SOOOOO wanted to take a picture of her for "Tacky Tuesday" but I wasn't brave enough, HA.  April said she would give me cover if I wanted to snap the picture on our way out and then we could RUN, but alas I felt it wasn't cool to do, so no picture.
After dinner we walked around downtown, the weather was so perfect.  We even stopped for a bit in a small park and sat down on benches to chat for a while.  Then we all decided we were ready to hunt down some coffee and dessert. So we headed to Morgan's Tavern at sat on their back patio and drank coffee and had some really yummy desserts.  I can't believe it, but I actually couldn't finish my dessert, it was a huge WARM brownie with vanilla ice cream on top.

Completely amazing evening with my sister, BIL, and husband and I REALLY want to do it again SOON!!!!!


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