3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rachel: 6 Months Old

You Weigh: 12 lbs 10 oz.
Length:  25"
You Wear: size 3-6 month's clothing and a size 2 diaper
Feeding:  6 oz bottles, Similac for Fussiness and Gas x 5 and I recently started feeding you a couple tablespoons of rice mixed with formula (April 7th). . . . . you love it.  Soon I will graduate you to a week of oatmeal and then start you on vegetables. 
Sleeping:  You are still sleeping 9+ hours each night and you take 3-4 30-45 minute naps throughout the day.  You still love hearing the sound of your own voice and most mornings you wake me up with your happy chatter coming through the monitor.  ON April 10th you rolled over to your tummy all by yourself for the very first time, and since then you have perfected this new still and have even rolled over a couple times back to your back.
You are still having physical therapy at home once a month, and Ms.Kathy is really focusing on your arm strength and core body muscle muscles.  She is pleased with your overall progress and says you are about where she expects you to be in your development.
Happy 6 month's Rachel, time is flying by way to quick!!!!

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  1. Oh she is so beautiful!! She is just so sweet!