3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vacation Post 2

Day 5 of our trip was Jonathan's 4th birthday, so we took the boys up to the St. Lawrence Seaway to watch a few ships go through the locks.  It really was an amazing sight to see these huge ships go through that only had 1' of clearance on either side, talk about threading a needle.  The boys really loved watching the ships, I think Davey could have stood there all day long.
the boys watching the next ship preparing to come through.
We waited at this train track crossing for a while expecting this huge train to come through getting ready to cross the border into Canada . . . . . . . this is what came through, HA.
My Mother-in-Law works at the food court in the casino on the Massena Indian reservation and she wanted to take Jonathan there for a birthday lunch because they make amazing pizza.  It felt a little strange taking the kids into a casino, but the pizza was amazing, probably some of the best I have ever had.
After we got back from the Seaway and lunch we put Jon down for a nap and when he got up we had a family dinner and celebrated his birthday.  I had ordered his present from Amazon and had it shipped to my MiL's so it was waiting for us when we arrived, Jon loved his present.
 . . . . . and obviously he enjoyed his cake, HA!


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