3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Monday, September 26, 2011

Future Choir Member

Sunday while more then half of my family stayed home feeling under the weather, Davey and I headed off on our own to enjoy a morning of worship with our church family.  As we usually do, we sat upstairs in the balcony.  Davey is a bit of a fidget and until he has worked out an understanding of how to properly sit in church, we don't want him to be a distraction for a lot of people, so we sit up in the balcony where a lot of families with younger kids sit.

Mid way through service, Davey said he needed to use the bathroom, so I allowed him to go.  After a little while I noticed we had made it through two songs and pastor was beginning his sermon and Davey was still not back.  On top of that I heard what I thought was Davey and another child playing down in the foyer below us.  So, I quietly left my seat and went downstairs only to find the security usher alone.  He looked at me and said, "I think he is in there singing to himself."  I asked, "is he alone?"  "Yes Ma'am", came the response.

I knocked on the men's bathroom door to be sure and when I got no answer I opened it slowly and went in.  I found Davey in a stall, singing to himself while sitting on the potty.  THIS is what I had heard all the way upstairs in the balcony . . . . . my son singing to himself while taking a marathon poo in the church lobby bathroom.

To me the only upside to this was that he obviously has a desire to sing and he can project, so he has potential for being a great choir member in the future, HA.  The downside was . . . . .  my back was feeling so bad from me pulling it out of place earlier in the week, that I couldn't crawl under the pew like I wanted to.


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