3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Blog Design

I am so thankful to Danielle Moss Graphic Design and Photography, I have been working with Danielle for a couple of years now ever since she created my first blog design for me that I loved so much. This was actually the altered header that she did for me after Rachel came into our lives and 2 little Boys became 3 little Miracles.
However, I felt that in honor of Rachel's pending 1st birthday it was time for an update and I wanted to change the layout of my page to allow for wider photo's so I picked one of Danielle's beautiful pre-made designs.  I plan to go back to her later and choose some of her a la carte extras to customize the look.  Something I have always loved about Danielle's design service's is that she has a package for every design budget, she has everything from custom made blogs, blog sites, pre-made's (like I have selected this time around), and many more customized options found on her services menu. I hate saying goodbye to my adorable pink and green scrapbook blog header, but it's time for a fresh and clean look for my 3 little Miracles and our little girl who is getting ready to turn ONE.
 Thank You Danielle!

Here are the pictures from the photo session I did with the kids to try and give Danielle some images to work with to create the blog header.  Believe me when I say, this was NOT a fun photo session, it was just days after my husband had injured his leg with the chain saw and he couldn't help me with the kids like he normally does.  We were also still cleaning up from Irene so there was still debris in the yard for the kids to pick up and each time I sat Rachel up I had to brush off the front of her white dress and on top of that the boys were not following directions very well.  BUT, I managed to get about six to seven images out of the session to send to Danielle and I love what she was able to do with what I sent her.


  1. Thank you so much Laura, didn't think I would survive the photo session, but I am glad I got them before Davey's front two teeth fell out, HA.