3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Night

We all imagine such amazing fun FICTIONAL things when it comes to what our Halloween with children should be like. The REALITY is with kids is never really goes as imagined, HA.

For instance . . . . I never imagined that Jon would wake up from his nap in the most horrible of moods and that his mood and willingness to follow directions would remain poor all the way up until the moment of going out the door . . . . . even with threats of loosing his t-o-t privileges.  I also never imagined that I would still be sick and not really feel like going out, but not want to miss Rachel's first time going out with her big brothers around the neighborhood on Halloween night.  I also never imagined that I would be fussing and in a horrible mood, literally until I crossed the threshold into the cool crisp night time air and I would finally feel my body temp cool off and my mood lift.

BUT we did make it out the door after taking some cute pictures of the kids in Mom and Dad's living room and we all survived the hours leading up to Trick-OR-Treating.
Our little girl is finally learning how to sit on her own, a skill she just gained this Halloween weekend :-) 

 Out into the night our little pirates went, knocking on doors for their very first time with great glee saying, "Trick OR Treat" at the top of their lungs each time the door opened to their summons. (We normally only go to our church festival and don't do the door to door thing)
 It really was fun seeing how happy they were Trick-OR-Treating, something I hadn't done since I was a little girl and at times it was funny watching them race to try and be the first one to the next door.
  In the dark of the night we managed to find friends and neighbors, these are the three little girls that live next to us (you actually saw their Dad back in the first house we visited for the night). 
 Rachel was awake most of the hour we were out Trick-OR-Treating, but as we turned back onto our street we noticed she had gotten very quiet and discovered she had drifted off to sleep.
Good Night Little Lady Bug, don't let the other bed bugs bite!
Happy Halloween Y'all!


  1. So precious! I wish I could get my kids to dress in all the same theme. Alas, we had a puppy and a cowgirl. LOL! And the other three were "too cool". Why do they want to grow up so quickly???? BTW... Love the Crabby Pattys hoodie that Dave is wearing. LOL!

  2. Well their costumes are what I call a happy Mom accident. I wanted them to wear the new monster costumes from the PK catalog, but Davey had Pirate day at school one day and got stuck on that idea and my idea got flushed. Lucky for me I was able to pick up Jon's costume for $14 at Walmart and figured I would piece together something for Davey again like I did for his PD. Then I remembered that last year I had bought a bunch of costumes on 75% clearance for dress up for like $3 and when I dug in Rachel's closet I discovered one of them was a pirate and Davey's size. Thus I now had two pirates, actually Jon preferred to be called Davey's Mate. So I didn't have a pirate costume for Rachel, but I did have the Lady Bug costume a friend gave me and I realized I had myself a Red, Black & White theme . . . . . Mommy got her way after all . . . . . a theme look, HA.

    As for David's Jacket, that was a present for him on his 40th birthday to replace his worn out jacket from some other seafood type festival in our area and not the one in MC. Can't wait to slip over to your blog later today when I can and look at your Halloween pictures.