3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thinking of Switching UP my Accessory Color Palette

I have been looking around my main living space and thinking a lot about switching up my POP of color.  My sectional sofa is olive green with flecks of gold in it and my walls are pale yellow with accessories around the house primarily being deep red.  Although I love my POP of red and it will take a lot of work and possibly a lot of money to change out my color palette, I am still thinking of it.

I am thinking of carrying the beige I have in my kitchen into the living/dining area of the house and then accenting in aqua/green/gold.  Here are some accessories that I found while out for my first hunt of what might be great for our living room.
Great lantern, that I could put a candle in or fill with other small accessories, only $15.99
I love this little aqua bird statue and these shell balls, they would be great in a bowl or on a tray.

I am in LOVE with this globe and this small vase, I think they would look amazing on my living room book shelves.
Finally, this pitcher was fantastic and I think would look great on top of my china hutch with a bundle of wheat or something for texture.

For my bedroom I have fallen HEAD OVER HEALS in LOVE with this chair for our desk.  I have been needing a chair so that I can work in the bedroom on photo editing for longer lengths of time, currently I sit on a stool and it KILLS my back.

Just for a BONUS I am throwing in this cute little pink table I found for Rachel that I think would be so cute with some little chairs around it and fitting it with a piece of plexi-glass for her to use as a little tea table.

I do miss working in Interior Design and love when I get a chance to work on my own decor every few years to try and bring new life to our home and give things a fresh look.  Hopefully I can figure out a way to do this for as little money as possible, especially since I am trying to direct any spare money we have to getting rid of our debt and also building my new photography business.  So obviously this isn't our #1 priority . . . . . . but a girl can make plans right???


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