3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We aren't promised tomorrow

Today a beautiful lady in our church family and her four brave boys (grown men, but today they were boys saying goodbye to their father) said goodbye to the earthly body of their husband & father and laid him to rest. I sat in the church today and listened as they bravely stood and confessed of the Godly example their father had been to them and the beautiful example he had given them over and over again of his love for their mother, his good example of what a man should be, and a brave man who served our country for 21 years in the Navy. I watched as these men became boys before my eyes with their hands shoved in their pockets as they swayed back in forth, just like little boys do as they worry and cry, they tried to compose themselves well enough as they each waited their turn to extoll the wonderful qualities of their father.  Before my eyes I watched these grown mean become little boys in their grief and I thought of my little boys.

I cried not only for their loss but for their amazing testimony even in their great grief at his unexpected and tragic passing from their lives. I cried because I felt as I sat in the pew I was thinking of my friends pain who was now a widow and how much pain she must be feeling at the sudden and tragic loss of her partner, the father of her children, the man God had placed beside her for what she thought would be MANY more years to come.  I sat in my pew and I cried for the for the tiny fraction of how I would feel if David were to be taken from my life suddenly as her John had been taken from her, for today I TRULY didn't know her pain I just imagined I could.

I can only pray that my children will be able to see Christ in my life as his children saw Christ in his. I can only pray that our children will know and see how much David and I love one another ALL of their lives. But most of all, I pray that I will have lived a good enough example, that my children will want to be a "little" like me and a lot like Christ. 

Live today like it's your last moment and make sure your loved ones really know you love them. 

David I love you with all of my heart and can not IMAGINE my life without you!!!!!!

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  1. How tragic! I always worry every day about something happening to Scott. I cannot even imagine it. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. But what a comfort to know he is with his Heavenly Father!

    Its funny... Noah and I were just talking about this yesterday when I was taking him to AWANAs. We've always had issues with all the siblings fighting and arguing and sometimes just being downright hateful with each other, so I used it as a teachable moment. I was talking with him about how we should always treat others as if this was the last time we would ever see them again - and used for example a little friend of his that died last fall in a four wheeling accident. About how when he saw him last summer at a wrestling camp, did he think that would be the last time he ever saw him. I could see him really thinking hard about it, as he tried to comprehend not seeing his brothers or sisters again.

    Even as adults, we must strive... Even when our emotions get the best of us, to always speak in love. To not waste a moment because how do you know that its not your LAST moment? You're right, Laura. We are not promised tomorrow, but we ARE promised eternity. Love you.