3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, May 24, 2013

Journey to a NEW me Part 4

The process of loosing weight has been slow but steady, I believe my nutritionist would still like to see me at about 10 pounds lower then where I currently am, but I have already reached several of my first goals and I am feeling and looking pretty good.

I had a very rough time for a little while because I had a stricture where the esophagus meets the stomach.  The scar tissue had closed up the opening too much and wasn't allowing food to pass, so I had to have two upper endoscopy's to stretch the opening out a little. This complication only happens in about 10% of gastric bypass patients, and apparently I am one of the lucky few, HA

I had set several smaller goals for myself so that I would feel like I was accomplishing something regardless of the goals that the doctors and nutritionist set for me.
  1.  I would get below my wedding day weight of 215
  2.  I would loose 4 dress sizes
  3.  I would get below 200
  4.  I would reach 175
So of these 4 goals, I have reached three of them and hopefully within the next 2 months I will reach my 4th goal.  I am still very happy that I choose this path and don't regret a moment of it even with the complications.

Current Stats:  
Highest weight 1 year ago:  262
Weight day of surgery:  239.5
Weight at last check in:  199
Home Scale Current weight: 195
Total OFFICIAL weight loss since surgery: 40.5
Total weight loss over all:  63 (67)

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