3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, July 12, 2013

First day of DoD 11 week Furlough

My wonderful husband is home today.  It isn't vacation, he isn't sick, he isn't taking use-or-loose time and he isn't taking family sick leave because one of us is sick and we have a crazy family schedule that he needs to rescue me from.

NO my husband is home because he works for the Department of Defense and is one of the many thousands of federal employees that are on a eleven day furlough spread out over eleven weeks, one day a week (Friday).  Starting today my darling D will be home for long weekends, the upside is we have him for long weekends and honey-do projects around the house.

The MAJOR downside of this whole thing is that we are already in a financially tight spot and trying to pay down debt and focus on a family budget.  With this furlough we loose 20% of our pay and that makes things beyond tight.  We are completely laying this at the Master's Feet and trusting our Lord and Savior with the outcome.  He alone knows out hearts and our desire, but the outcome is ultimately in His hand and we can only pray the end result honors Him.

The big part of this that does not make sense to me and drives me very crazy and may yet somehow be another positive, is that when the eleven weeks is over most of the depot will have to go into overtime in order to catch up on lost work and backup of projects.  So how do you save money when you have to end up paying 1000's of federal employee's overtime to make up for the work that you furloughed them from?  I truly think that our government has not studied this from every angle and taken note of the long term effects on workload and the local economy.

I am just a humble citizen and a wife to a federal employee, but from my perspective my government has failed my husband and our family, lucky for us we trust in God and His hands on our lives.

Here is a look at the one of the benefits though . . . . . the product of my husband having time to play in the kitchen, HA
Blueberry Pastry


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