3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Glasses for Rachel

We recently started going through the process of getting Rachel ready for preschool starting in October on her birthday.  Our county has a program for special needs kids through the public school system and they qualify for this program literally on their 3rd birthday.  So Rachel's birthday is October 21st and she will start exactly on that day.

Anyway, as a result of going through this process, Rachel had to be current on shots, go through a physical, evaluations with therapists, hearing exam and an eye exam.  I truly expected the eye exam to be standard with no issues . . . I was wrong.

It did amaze me how they do a eye exam on a 2 year old . . . and Rachel did AMAZBALLS!

Rachel playing in between exams

We headed over to Wal-Mart eye exam to try on our first glasses options

Another set of options . . .

I THINK this will end up being the pair we get for her . . . . unless we can get the ones we truly want for her.

We are holding off for a little bit to get her glasses because with our current vision insurance her glasses will cost us over $250 dollars and we want to get the RIGHT glasses for Rachel.  With another vision insurance option that is available through my husbands work these glasses will probably cost us less than $20 so we are waiting OF COURSE.

There is a company that makes glasses for down syndrome individuals called Specs 4 Us, they specifically design glasses for down syndrome individuals.  These glasses are designed for the lower bridge of DS individuals nose without giving them a heavy plastic nose guard piece to compensate for the difference. The doctor carried these glasses in their frame studio and they were perfect for her BUT I wanted to see if I could find them someplace else for less.  I tried finding them but I couldn't find them anywhere else locally, so more than likely we will return to them unless our other frame studio is willing to special order the Specs 4 Us glasses.

I'll be honest and say I am not really looking forward to Rachel wearing glasses.  I know Rachel will be beautiful no matter what, but I don't like the idea of ONE MORE thing making her stand out and be set apart from others . . . . . one more thing for kids to pick on her for (kids can be so mean to one another).  I am just going to have to keep trusting God, our guidance, our ability to guard her from some of life's meanness and her ability to handle what comes her way.

NO MATTER WHAT our girl is beautiful inside and OUT!


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