3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Journey to NEW ME Part 5

So I just had my 6 month check-in post Gastric Bypass Surgery and I am doing really well and right on target, even though I am on the lower end of the scale for weight loss.  I think the reason for me not being higher up on the weight loss for 6 months out is because although I am doing some exercise, I am not doing AS MUCH as I should because I can't find a regulated schedule with the kids.  My prayer for myself is that I will be able to find my regular exercise schedule this fall as the boys return to school and RaRa starts Pre-K in October.

I am overall very happy that I selected to go through GPS and wish I had done this sooner for myself.  Of course I wish that I could have lost the weight on my own, but for my health and where I am in life with my family, this was the best route for me and I don't regret it at all.

I still say that GPS is not the "easy way out" as some would say.  It is very hard on the body and you have to completely retrain yourself, your eating habits, your physical activity habits, you mental way of thinking of yourself and others.  I am not used to people commenting on how well I am looking and that I am "skinny".  That comment alone is so funny to me, because I am far from "skinny" but I guess to others when they see me compared to 262 pounds, 185 looks skinny, HA!

Currently I am 50 pounds from reaching my goals, I am hoping that this fall the weight loss rate will pick up, but at my current pace it translates out to about another 5 months of weight loss to reach my final goal (which would be 1 month shy of my year anniversary post surgery).

I have had a few complications such as the scar tissue restriction which caused some blockage in the early stages of my recovery and NOW blood sugar drops due to not always having the right balance of protein to carb throughout the day.  The lowest blood sugar reading I had was the other night, I stayed up late to watch a program and woke up on the sofa around 12ish to hot sweat, shakes, and could hardly walk.  I got my husband up to help me figure out what to eat to get my blood sugar back up, he spoon feed me a couple bites of ice cream and then ate a greek yogurt. Hopefully I can get the carb/protein balance and SOON :-)

But the journey goes on and I will keep you posted on my progress.

cellphone shot

Current Stats:  
Highest weight 18 months ago:  262
Weight day of surgery:  239.5                                          Goal by November:  168
Weight at last check in:  185.2
Total OFFICIAL weight loss since surgery: 54.3
Total weight loss over all:  76.8

Waist:  41                                                                        Less than 35
Bodyfat:  40.4%                                                               23-34%
Body Water:  42.5%                                                         45-60%
Muscle Mass:  104.8 (56.6%)                                             60%
Current Calorie Burn:  1533

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