3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A NEW Tradition . . . . . Time with my Siblings

My brother Jim (I still call him Jimmy) informed us just after Thanksgiving that he and my oldest brother were coming back down to take my sister and I out to dinner, just us siblings.  We hadn't ever done something like this and both my sister and I thought this was a wonderful idea.

So my brother tasked me with finding a place to eat and I finally settled on Captain Ratty's one of mine and David's favorite restaurants.  CR has an amazing casual environment and serves fab seafood and steak, my favorite is their crab cakes.
Jim, Me, April and on back row my oldest brother Ted

 We had so much fun laughing and talking about our favorite childhood memories.  When my plate came to the table my potato came wrapped in tin foil, which reminded me of a silly but funny car game we played.  My mother would always bring snacks for long road trips and one of the things was ding-dongs and ho-ho's which back in my day were wrapped in tin foil.  My oldest brother Ted would take the tin foil and ball it up and say, "I have a precious pearl from the deepest darkest part of the ocean and it is mine ALL mine."  This would start an all out wrestling match in the back seat of us trying to get a silly ball of tin foil from each other.

So I took the tin foil off my potato and recited the age old speech . . . . . and promptly my sister snatched it from my hand.  UGH!  I never could hold onto it for very long.
After dinner we walked around down town to look at the lights and came to Bear Square where Santa was meeting and greeting kids in PJ's while "snow" feel from the roof tops (shaved ice machines on the roofs).

 We were standing on the corner looking up into a big cypress tree FULL of lights.

 Jimmy started making fun of my oldest brother Ted and his belly (which April and I thought was rotten pool) SO I snapped a picture of him . . . . . isn't this flattering of him LOL
 Then we walked around to Union Point Park and looked at the Christmas tree in the gazebo

This is me trying to get the right setting on the timer to get in the photo LOL

 My brothers and sister thought we had to bend over to be level with the camera in order to be in the shot LOL.
Finally got a good shot of us and standing upright HAHA

 I saw this cute dress in a shop window, I need to go back and find out how much it is because it really is adorable!
 The clock tower all lite up

An amazing evening, so much fun!!!  We have decided we need to do this more often and so we are already planning on April and I going up to the boys area and taking them out to dinner for their birthdays in February.  Maybe then I can get the precious pearl back from my sister!!!!!

April posted a picture of the pearl on FB when she got home from our dinner,  
she has put in on a candle stand to display and BRAG that she has it!


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