3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Monday, December 16, 2013

Nutracker and an Apology to Santa

So after many months of ballet babies, Rachel was ready for her first chance to participate in the annual production of The Nutcracker performed by the New Bern Ballet Company.  The Ballet Babies would be on stage for the first performance of Rock-a-bye Baby and then the very end of the performance for Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer.
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BUT on our way there Rachel decided it was the perfect time to take a power nap.


Finally the time came for the Ballet Babies to go on stage, and one of the girls who normally assists in Rachel's class each week picked her up along with Sidney (one of the twins in Rachel's class)

At some point it became apparent that the one dancer couldn't handle two small ones so Mrs. Stahlbaum"Clara's" mother came out on stage and took over the care of Rachel.

I didn't catch it in photos but my husband caught it on video, at this point when the Ballet Babies were supposed to be pretending to sleep . . . . . Rachel started throwing her doll Emily at the girl in front of her, HA.  Yep she was the only one on stage doing something like that.
The Sugar Plum Fairy came out on stage to wake up the Ballet Babies

After her small performance and during the intermission Rachel needed to refresh herself (which explains a lot later and why we owe Santa an apology)

 After the performance the Ballet Company had a Christmas party and Santa came to visit with the children.  So once again this holiday season the kids had another chance to sit and chat with Santa and Mrs. Clause.

 And NOW the Apology . . . . 

Dearest Santa we are so very sorry that we did not notice that our sweet Rachel's diaper was overflowing due to her overwhelming thirst during the performance.  So we did not notice and she left a very large wet spot upon your knee.   Please forgive us and do not place us or Rachel upon the naughty list.  Truly she is the sweetest little girl and does not deserve coal in her socking.

Thank you Santa for loving us and blessing our children's wishes in spite of this terrible faux pas.
Wonderful Memories and laughter for years to come!


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