3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Thursday, January 2, 2014

HGTV Dream Home 2014 {Lake Tahoe} - Part 1 public spaces

Every year I am fascinated HGTV comes up with for the Dream House of the year.  This year the 18th HGTV Dream House is located in snowy Lake Tahoe (I am sure they have sunny NON snow days but it is known as the winter play land).

(All photos Credit: Eric Perry © 2013, Scripps Networks, LLC.)

Unlike many of the Dream Homes from the past,  I actually find this home to be very family friendly and functional.  The spaces are very large, open, providing ample seating options and giving plenty of interactive space instead of a bunch of broken up unrelated spaces.  In addition the furniture provides a beautiful color palate with a great pop of color {yellow} against neutral and gray tones and family friendly fabrics.
{If I won this house that yellow chair would be coming HOME with me as a keep sake}
I love this 41-inch-wide cross-cut slice of ponderosa pine, mounted on a wooden box by carpenter David Brown such a simple idea and year makes such a artistic statement in the room.

I will be honest and say I not a big fan of the kitchen design, it is a little to contemporary to me and does not seem to provide a lot of cabinet storage OR even offer pantry storage.  That is one thing I find that HGTV doesn't seem to do well in many of it's Dream Home designs, with a large home like this pantry and storage is just as important as the living spaces.  Let's put reality to this, MOST families will not keep the home as a full time residence, most winners will sell it or keep it as a rental/vacation home.  As a family home if your lucky enough to live in this full time, you will need a pantry to store food supplies/small appliances/serving dishes/paper products etc. and as a vacation home a home owner would want locking closets for "owner" only storage.

This kitchen DOES provide some amazing appliances, great cook and food prep surfaces and a wonderful open kitchen so that you can cook and still visit with guests and family sitting at the counter or in the other adjacent living spaces.

The adjacent dinning room is bright and cheerful and I especially love the bright yellow head chairs at the end of the table. I LOVE the 3 different style pendant lights hanging over the table verses a traditional chandelier.

The foyer space is vast and yet so welcoming with the view out to the outdoor patio/kitchen and the sneak peak through windows to a hint of what is to come in the living room space. Again I am in LOVE with the lighting in this space and the amazing galvanized metal wall leading into the "private" spaces of the home.  HOW perfect is that and it makes such a subtle statement, visual openness leading into the living/kitchen/dining space and a solid wall of metal leading into the private spaces.

The outdoor living room/kitchen provides visual texture in the materials and yet a cozy space with how it is enveloped by the home.
{Really like these little lanterns and I think these would be another thing I take HOME with me as a keep sake if I won}
Outdoor fireplace is amazing but I do find it a little odd that they don't have any chairs cozied up to that fire all the furnishings have their back to the fire.
Finally on this post I want to cover the Mudroom/Laundry/back Hall space.  I love love love the "mudroom" space leading off the garage, my only criticism is that the adorable little benches tucked under the foyer table really would not be a good choice for kids or adults to sit down on to take off snow gear and ski wear.  I really think a mudroom bench and wall hook system would have been better designed in this space.
The Laundry room is perfect . . . . . what more can I say :-)  Love the color, love the pattern on the wall, love the laundry sink, love love love.
I LOVE that they even painted the ceiling . . . . awesome and makes it more pleasant when you HAVE to do laundry.
Finally I love how HGTV Dream home always thinks of our four legged furry family members and make a space for the dog {if you don't have a dog it could always serve as a fun play space for small children}
I personally am not a fan of a open tread, but I do love the little doggy space.  Besides the fact that open treads kind of scare me, from a design standpoint I find it to be a waste of storage space.
Tomorrow I will take a look at the Family Room and Private spaces of the home.  This is a beautiful home and anyone would be lucky to win this home and spend some time here.

Go to HGTV and tour the full collection of Dream Home pictures and videos and enter for your chance to WIN this fabulous home.


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