3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Monday, June 30, 2014

Where will we be and What will we do at 25 years of Marriage?

I know it is very early to be talking about what I would like for our 25th Anniversary Celebration but thinking of where we will be and how we will celebrate our Anniversary seems to come naturally to me since we are celebrating 13 years today.  Ever since the weight loss I think even more of opportunities for me to be dressed up and show off ;-) my new slimmer figure.  For sure when we celebrate our 25th anniversary I would love for us to renew our vows.

For a few stats of where we will be in 2026, 12 years from now, I will be 58 years old, my husband 62 and our children will be 20, 18, and 15.  Our children will be old enough to celebrate with us and know what we are doing and part of our love story to help honor the moment with us.  Our wedding in 2001 was beautiful and I would love for our renewal ceremony to be a smaller reflection of it but with a little more "mature" looking dress reflective of my age at the time.  My wedding dress was a halter style with lace and sequence floral design and a very puffy crinoline style skirt. (ALTHOUGH I also dream of having it altered to fit my new figure so I can see what I would look like in it)

These are just a few of the ideas I have for a small family formal gathering.
This custom dress is from Perfect Dresses on Etsy
I love this dress found on Pinterest, but not sure if a long gown such as this would be appropriate for age or 25th wedding renewal ceremony.
For location I would want to have our ceremony at the place we had our rehearsal dinner, the Hancock Lounge on MCAS Cherry Point.  Such a beautiful location at the base marina and they have added on some great outdoor deck spaces and gazebo that would be so pretty dressed up with fairy lights.

 A Girl can Dream!


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