3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just Catching Up

It has been a while since I have sat down and just  chatted about what life is like these days around our house.  We are having a busy summer with me watching 2 additional girls from a neighbor friend during the work week from 7AM - 4:30PM.  I try to keep the kids active with at least one major outing away from the house each week to the aquatic center, aquarium (where we have a membership), library or just heading in to town to the mall to check out the shops (I think the kids like this the most).  In addition to all these little excursions we still have our normal 3 trips a week into Rachel's therapy and occasional trip to the grocery store.

We have already kicked off our summer with a week of vacation bible school and 2 weeks of swim lessons and other then a long weekend away in August we don't have any other major events planned for the remainder of our summer.

I am not the modern day parent that allows and encourages their children to spend all summer inside playing on electronics, watching TV or playing on game systems.  I truly encourage the kids to be outside playing, riding their bikes and playing in the river (it is very shallow for about 1/2 mile out) unless the weather prevents these activities (such as extreme heat or rain). My husband and I have set the "rules" for how they are to behave out and about in the neighborhood and the boundaries that they are allowed to travel in that we feel is a safe zone for them to walk or ride their bikes.  Overall they are good kids and although they are highly inquisitive and argue among themselves at times, they all get along and find fun things to do together, top of their summer fun games is hide-and-seek (I sometimes even join in on the fun HA).

The girls (7 and 10) love to play with Rachel either back in her room OR out in the fenced in play yard and Rachel is loving the attention and playing with "big girls".  Although I love their play times together, I do wish that Rachel had a few kids her age to play with around the neighborhood on a regular basis but soon enough she will be back to school, back to ballet and back with her peers.

It is hard to believe that school is just a month away, I know this time will slip away very quickly and it will be time to do back to school shopping.  I actually love back to school shopping, buying all the school supplies, looking for new outfits to add to the kids wardrobe and picking out new shoes.  Shopping for my own kids school supplies and clothes remind me of when I was a kid and doing back to school shopping with all my new things hanging in the closet with their tags and not being allowed to wear them until the first day of school (I do the same thing with my own kids).
Rachel and Jon will be getting these new backpacks
(they need bigger ones then then currently have) from Pottery Barn Kids

The summer being in its last 1/3 before school also reminds me of getting back on track with my own personal goals and ME time.  I have gotten out of the habit of  working out for the summer and also of sticking to my tight day time eating plan and I need to get back to it.  Since my surgery in February of 2013 I have lost a little over 80 pounds but have stabilized and haven't lost weight in months . . . . . I lot of that has to do with noshing on unhealthy snacks (Combos and Belvita biscuits are my down fall BUT they are OH SO GOOD).

Overall I am doing well and my family is happy, healthy and busy.  We have a pretty big thing going on right now, but I will have to wait until we are through it to share about it and how it impacts our lives and helps us to grow as a family and as parents.

Hopefully life is good for you and yours, thanks for stopping by.


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