3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Monday, July 14, 2014

My Style Monday

With my new found weight loss (82 lb to date) I am thinking a LOT more about fashion and what looks good on my new figure.  As a result I want to share my fashion loves that I have found all over the internet and especially what I have pinned as My Style on Pinterest.

I love this little dress, although I totally would NOT do the hat and this particular purse, but it does show that it could easily be dressed up some.  I would pair this dress with some nice navy thong sandals or the sweet little sandals I have pictured below.

All I can say about these Aleeyas sandals is BEAUTIFUL!!

Love everything about this outfit, especially the high low turquoise dress.

I truly don't know if I could pull off this outfit because I am short, but I love the maxi skirt and the necklace is truly adorable.

I think this is a more sophisticated version of the above outfit, not as "thrown together" style . . .  more "matchy matchy" but still a fantastic look.
I love fashion now and can't wait to really buy solid wardrobe pieces once I reach my goal, still another 30-40 pounds to go.

Fashion is your own statement NO MATTER what size you are . . . .  claim your own version of these styles at whatever size you are just make sure it flatters YOU.


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