3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Monday, January 25, 2016

My Style Monday

The first BLIZZARD of 2016 has just passed the eastern part of the United States (sadly skipping dropping a few snow flakes on us here in ENC).  BUT all the snow pictures I am seeing from friends on fb is making me think of all the fun winter fashions that we mom's can share when we are out and about at the school drop-off lines, grocery stores, church, and kids A.S. activities.  Just because we are moms doesn't mean we can't look cute doing what we do and even in winter.  I will be honest and say I am not on top of my "game" all the time but I am much more so now that I am much more confident and happy in my body {update on that in another post later}.

I love this whole look from head to toe but more specific I love the necklace, sweater, and shirt.  I found a very similarly look over at Prep Obsessed.  The necklace is their Molly Pearl Bauble Necklace paired with the Jules Monogrammed V-Neck Sweater and Gingham Button Down Shirt, all found on Prep Obsessed at really great prices.

Other looks for winter that I truly love are straight leg jeans with boots, the plaid scarf, vests, and of course the classic pea coat.
Some of this look can be purchased HERE off Polyvore

Simply Bliss Boutique has a fantastic Navy Blue Buckle Up Quilted Vest that is a great matchup for this look.  Go HERE to purchase

HONESTLY, I am nuts for this whole look of the button-fly jeans, the boots, the scarf, and even the t-shirt.  Even though I am not a hunting girl my husband has taught me to sure appreciate a good piece of venison. But I would still wear this whole look from head to toes paired with a ls-tshirt and a vest and the amazing Amanda boots, which look so COZY, that can be purchased over at

This whole look can be purchased HERE off Polyvore, this is most often the look I will be in around the house and running the kids back and forth around town.

Finally I just love this quick throw together look with this Aztec style throw jacket and comfy jeans.

For these and more of my favorite fashion inspirations go to my Pinterest pages HERE


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