3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Craft Room Envy

We have lived the past 13 years with my parents in a 3 bedroom open floor plan space that provides us just the right amount of what we NEED in our part of the house, but not necessarily the storage space or the things we WANT.  I could truly use a space for Homeschooling the boys and for running by photography business, which does involve a certain amount of laying stuff out to bundle and craft the final photo package, so right now I am having space and craft room envy.  So as usual, I am going back to my design school roots and searching magazines, books, and the internet for inspiration and filling up my Pinterest boards with my ideas. One of my favorite places to hunt on the internet is Houzz, so many great ideas pooled together in one place and organized by category and who designed them.

Photo by Studio M Interiors - Search traditional home office pictures

By now you may have noticed I am drawn to very bright white natural lite spaces and this space has that and organization in spades.

I love the organization of the next one, and if the blinds were gone or open maybe I would feel more LOVE for it, but I still really think this is an amazing design but this design is much more specific to its function.

Craft Room
Photo by Collaborative Design Group-Architects & Interiors - Discover traditional home office design ideas

This next one is a very warm space and VERY family friendly, in some ways the previous two spaces almost leave you feeling like you can't touch them because they are so clean looking but thisspace by Melinda Miles Interiors is a very easy going cozy space that you feel like the whole family can work in.  
Craft Room
Photo by Melinda Miles Interiors, LLC - Look for traditional home office design inspiration

The final one I want to share with you has storage a plenty, this designer really was creative with the architecture of the cabinetry.  I love the long workstation along one wall and then shelves and deep file drawers along the other wall with the cobalt blue accent wall.  I do wish the island was a little more of a functional work island with some built in storage to it, but other then that I love this space by Great Neighborhood Homes. 
Modern Bungalow
Photo by Great Neighborhood Homes - Browse traditional home office photos

You can find these and many other inspiring design ideas on my Pinterest boards HERE


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