3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Thursday, June 30, 2016

DIY Dressing Table

I am all about designing and creating some of our own furniture and decor pieces, especially when we live on a fairly tight budget.  This summer we are in the middle of several DIY projects one of which is the deconstruction of our dining room window seat.  This project lead to the construction of a Dressing Table I had been drawing and designing in my drawing pad for a month now but was inspired to do NOW  due to the materials that came out of the deconstruction of the window seat.

We removed our window seat to provide more space around our dining room table and provide us more flexibility int the arrangement of our dining table and hutch along with a small desk we plan on putting in there for one of our sons for homeschooling.  BUT back to the dressing table and how THIS came about.
When I began work on taking apart our window seat, I recognized right away that the tops might be the same size as the dimensions I needed for the floating dressing table I wanted to build next to my dresser which I had recently painted.  So I took some measurements and sure enough two of the lids would work to form the top and bottom.  So with my drawings in hand my husband and I set out to put my drawings into reality and instead of going out for our 15th anniversary, we worked side by side and created something together.

FIRST we cut all the pieces to our desired sizes using  recycled 3/4" plywood for all of the dressing table parts and (1) 2x4 cut into 3 desired lengths for our project to create the spine that would attach in to the studs of our wall thus making it a floating table.

SECOND we pre painted all of the parts a high gloss enamel white

THIRD we pre assembled the dressing table, pre drilling all of the holes, counter sinking the screws and then assembling it completely.  

Finally before taking the dressing table in to be installed filled in and touched up with another quick coat of paint. 
NOW I will have to admit this part was NOT easy, much to our sorrow, the studs were not as easily located as we would have liked and as a result we had to use some anchors in some places we didn't anticipate having to use them, but believe me the end result is I could sit my five year old on this dressing table.
The finally look with the dresser in place . . . . .
I still have to find a mirror and I have a few prints I plan to hang and the final touch will be updating the cushion to the bench.  I am so happy with the result.  There is a 4 inch compartment for my curling iron and holes toward the back for the cords to drop through so I don't have cords in my way.   I also love the fact that I can now have my collection of milk glass back out in use and on display on my dressing table.  When it is TRULY all dressed the way I want it I will go back and take more final pictures and post more.

This was a fun project and even more special because my husband and I did it together on our anniversary.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I love the way she loves her big brother

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Friday, June 24, 2016