3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Phone DUMP

 I found the Missoni line for kids, and saw a few things for Rachel I would pick up I really love the winter coat.
And while I was in the mood for fashion I checked out a few other fashion items before moving on to decor.  First some great shoes for mom to wear with jeans and slacks.
 then baby girl fashion 
(I did go back and buy the first pair of shoes but they didn't have the black ones in her size)
 Isn't this dress just the cutiest, the only reason I didn't pick it up is because I wanted a shirt to go under it that WASN'T cream and couldn't find one.
cute leggings for crawling around on the floor
 And of course this just might make it on the  Christmas list, a new cute towel to wrap up in.
Now onto the cute decor I found at Target.
 I really loved these and wish I could have picked up a bunch to line our side walk, they are terra cotta "paper bag" pumpkin lanterns.  LOVE IT!
 Then Christmas decor

I am of course looking at the following Christmas decor for Rachel's room.

 I love these crystalized deer for my living room shelves.
 Look how pretty this nut cracker is
Set of 4 nutcracker ornaments to add to her tree
Adorable Mud Pie outfits
 I even liked the boys overalls and could see Rachel wearing them with a cute orange lettuce edged top.
 And finally these adorable frames.

Show Us Your Life - Favorite Places to Shop for Kids

I think one of the most common questions I get is "Where did you get that?", especially when it comes to Rachel's clothes.  I love to shop for my kids, and more often then not will put their wardrobe needs before my own.  I just can't help myself, I see something cute and my brain is thinking of a cute family picture, event, OR church.  So, when Kelly posted the schedule for Show Us Your Life and I saw this topic was on the schedule I knew I was going to share.

Top on my list if Gymboree, I mostly shop their store online because the closest store to me is over an hour away.  I love their clothes because they are made so well and they have amazing re-sale value.  So if I make sure we take good care of them I can put them up for consignment, ebay OR in the boys case I can pass them down to Jon before I sell them.  Another thing I love about Gymboree, is that they have such an wonderful layered look to their sets and family looks, so that the boys and Rachel aren't wearing exactly the same thing but layers of the same colors.  Finally, they have AMAZING deals when they have sales and I make out like a bandit filling up my bags and not emptying my wallet!  (I will add that a lot of times I will get my Gymboree clothes on ebay to save even more money.)

I would be crazy not to shop at Target for my kids clothes, they have amazing style and great quality.  The bad thing is the prices are so good that I could easily fill up my cart and be out of control before I know it, HA.  Many of the clothes that I purchase at Target will hold up and this is especially important for the boys since I would like to get double wear out of them with David and Jon.  When it comes to back to school shopping, Target is always my first stop for basics.

Another place I love to shop it Belk, I think this is a store mostly found here in the south east.  Belk is a higher end department store, but like most stores it too has amazing sales and I LOVE hitting those sales.  When the sales happen I usually purchase a bunch of clothes for the next season and put them back for the kids, but this means I really have to be on my game and think things through, which hopefully means it's just Rachel and I shopping so I can think, HA.

Finally, a place I love to shop for kids clothes is TJ Maxx.  I can almost always find great stuff for Rachel there at amazing prices, but I really have to hit it just right to find the type of shirts and pants I like for the boys because I don't like a lot of character stuff and the name brand can still be pricey for a 4 and 6 year old (pricey by my standard for a store that is discount).  Usually when I shop TJ, I am shopping for the season ahead.

A few other places I loved to shop for kids clothes are consignment Store's and ebay, you can always find great clothes there and sometimes find things still new with tags on them.

So these are just a few of the places I love to shop, I can't wait to read the list of places other Blog Mom's come up with to shop.  Have fun checking it out HERE.

A Scare and Night at the Hospital

Our household has been suffering with a round of colds, and little Girl got hit with it too, only for her it took a turn for the worse on Wednesday night.  Little to our knowledge her cold had been sneaking up on us and causing her throat to swell closing up her airway some.  About mid day her breathing became more labored and we could tell it was difficult and painful for her to breath and swallow, we planned to take her to the doctor on Thursday.  I know it sounds like we should have taken her in right that moment, but she wasn't running a fever and when she was awake, she was alert and for the most part happy, she just sounded awful.  Rachel hardly drank or ate anything all day long but finally fell asleep but was making such an awful sound with her breathing I kept checking on her every few minutes.  Around 11:30PM I decided to change her diaper and try and clean out her nose a little to help her breathing a little, but when I placed her on the changing table it was almost as if she stopped breathing all together.  I grabbed her right back up into my arms and took her out to the living room where David and I could get a better look at her.  We both noticed that Rachel was struggling even more to breath then she had earlier in the day because with each breath her chest was sucking in and her lips were slightly blue.  I told David I was not comfortable waiting until morning for the doctor, we needed to head to the ER.  So we let mom know what was happening and we were off.
  At the ER they had us checked in pretty quick.
And back to our own "special" curtained area.
And then the fun really began, because she didn't care for the breathing mask they wanted to put on her.
But little Girl made it through the first of two breathing treatments and made it onto the next phase of being put onto a humidity hood, which again she wasn't too fond of, but she liked it better then the mask.
Eventually Rachel had two breathing treatments, a steroid treatment, and a humidity treatment and she didn't seem to be responding well enough to any of them to make us or the doctors happy . . . . . so an over night observation was required.  By 2:49AM we were finally getting settled into our room and David was heading home to get a couple hours of sleep so he could get David Jr. off to school for a field trip and I stayed with Rachel.  I was completely punch drunk and have no idea if I answered the questions correctly, but I can tell you that the nurses were wonderful and super friendly even that early in the morning.  Big lesson learned for me, is that I need to bring Rachel's big book with me next time we go to the ER, its a binder I have with all of her medical records in it, because I was so exhausted I couldn't remember simple facts like her birth weight.
In the end, little Girl was diagnosed with croup, but by early the next day she had great oxygen stats and they were comfortable letting us go home and released her that evening.  The nurses were actually surprised that this was Rachel's first hospitalization since her birth, because DS kids are prone to respiratory infections that will lead to hospital stays, but I just said it was God's blessing and I can only pray He keeps blessing her health that way.