3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, July 30, 2010

Follow me Friday

The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom!, Mannland5 and The Adventures of Goober Grape and Monkey Man have teamed up to cohost Follow Me, Chickadee Fridays!  Each week, simply stop by at any of these three blogs for a chance to link up and meet new and exciting bloggers out on the interwebz! 
All they ask is that you follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Add a main link to your blog each week (Linky will open every Thursday night at 11 p.m. EST and close at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday mornings EST).
  • Follow the first three blogs in the # 1, 2, 3 spots.
  • Visit the blog above and below your listing and leave a *meaningful* comment.  Something nice and shiney to make them smile.  But make sure to tell them that you found them from Follow Me, Chickadee!
  • You don't have to follow every blog that follows you...but make sure that you follow the blogs that really interest you!
  • If you want to put the blog hop code or the Chickadee button on your Friday post on your blog, we welcome it!
  • Family friendly sites ONLY.  The linky list will be monitored and anything not family friendly *will* be deleted.  We don't want to see random naughty bits or something that would make our families cringe.
  • And the most important guideline?  HAVE FUN!  Make new friends, but keep the old...one is silver and the other's...ack, Girl Scouts memories shining through.  Oh, and have a Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Diaper Bag debate goes on

Ok ya'll know a few days ago I posted a list of baby girl needs/wants and part of my list included my search for a great diaper bag that will work for Rachel, but will also double as a stylish purse for me.  So these are the diaper bags I have narrowed it down to and I need your opinions and HELP in choosing.

I am really partial to this classic black and white one called the Fleurville Lexie Diaper Tote in Black Bouquet by JJ Cole, which retails for $129.00 HERE 

and then choice #2, the Kalencom Midi Ultimate Tote Diaper Bag in Paisley Pink, it sells for $69.95 HERE

and then finally choice #3 is the OiOi Giraffe Tote Diaper Bag, which retails for $159.99 HERE at Amazon

I am still going to purchase this one from Pottery Barn Kids so long as it is still available next week and on sale (currently selling for $29.95).  I want a bag I can carry on Sunday to church that I can leave in the nursery and carry my normal purse with me to SS and Worship.  The diaper bags above will be for when I am out and about with Rachel and the boys and need to have their life and mine in one handy bag ;-)

I have found Rachel's nursery inspiration

I was in Walmart the other day and as usual, I was drawn to walk through the baby department to see if they had anything new, and sure enough they did.  I have bought a chenille striped blanket for each of my children and wanted to find one for Rachel . . . . . . and this is the adorable blanket that I found along with the receiving blankets and crib sheet.
Then a few days later my Pottery Barn Kids catalog arrived in the mail, and I saw THIS . . . the CoCo Dot Nursery Bedding.  I love that the bumper is very simple and will give me the ability to find additional accent fabrics for the crib skirt, blanket, accent pillow, etc. just by pulling the colors. I am not crazy about the tailored crib skirt and will probably not purchase it, I would prefer a crib skirt that is more full and feminine, I may even add tulle to make it really full and make it look a little like a tutu.
and BOOM it started flowing for me and I started googling and hitting the fabric store for the rest of the room.  I am going to paint the walls Benjamin Moore Robin's Egg Blue.
and I love the rug that is in the PBK room.
and I will purchase the bumper from PBK and the Ivory sailcloth blackout panels, only I will add some trim to the curtains go with the bedding.

These are the other things I found that I thought would work beautifully in the room that I am beginning to see in my minds eye and hopefully SOON within the four walls of Rachel's room.
this cute mobile HERE
Cute lamp shade on Etsy, currently they don't have any available but I hope they will soon or I will have to make it myself.
this adorable set of (3) 8 x 10 prints on Etsy
and this one
and this hair bow holder

Finally I stumbled across this room inspiration that also was inspired by the PBK room that I stumbled upon and loved.

Watch for fabric swatches in another post, I am looking for two or three fabrics with the colors but with a soft floral, stripe, and mini print.  I really want to find some fabrics with some texture and maybe even an upholstery fabric to recover the green rocker we already have.  So thrilled that it's starting to come together in my mind, just need it to come together in reality now.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Swim lessons

D's third year taking swim lessons but J's first.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Our baby Girl wish list/needs

I have been going through our storage unit to figure out what products we still have that will be of great use and of COURSE save us money as we prepare for baby #3 little Rachel.  However, after little J we got rid of a LOT of our larger baby items to save on space both here at the house and at our storage unit.  So, these are the products we are currently needing and are considering, and if you have any opinions on them I would LOVE to hear some first hand experience.
This is the Fisher Price Starlight Papasan Cradle Swing in Cocoa/Pink.  We had the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders one with little J, but we donated that to our church when we thought we wouldn't be needing one again.  SURPRISE, we do :-)  What I think I will love about this is it appears to have a much wider and cozier style seat for the baby to sleep in, and second, it has an AC adapter to save the batteries. And of COURSE I also love the pink and brown fabric ;-)

I will admit, I feel in love with this high chair and the fabric pattern several years ago when I first saw it on Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood.  This is the Graco Contempo highchair in the Rittenhouse pattern. I love this chair for our house, because I have a black dinning table and because when it isn't in use, it folds up and can be stored in the closet, saving me some space when we have guests over.  At the time I first saw it on T&D we already had a high chair, and when I started looking for it, it had gotten so popular due to the exposure on the TV show that they discontinued the pattern for a while.  But they have reissued the style and I am happy as can be that I can get it for Rachel.

The last major item we are looking at and debating on, is the stroller.  We have a Graco Snugride car seat already and I purchased this cute custom car seat cover for it at Little Sheep Boutique on Etsy.
So of course we are looking for a stroller that it will snap into.  We are debating the stroller frame or going ahead and spending the extra $30 to get the larger stroller that she can use after she is out of the car seat.

Both of these stroller are by Graco and can be found HERE.
Of course if we have to choose color, then I have to debate on the pink one or the one that is a little more neutral like this pattern.

Then of course I have the more feminine debate, cutsy diaper bag styled more for HER, or fashionable diaper bag styled more for ME
 I like the pink one if I go this route, this bag is from Pottery Barn Kids.
This is the Fleurville Lexie Tote Diaper bag and can be found HERE
This total FAB Giraffe tote/diaper bag is by OiOi and can be found on Amazon HERE
It is totally expensive, but may be totally worth it for the long use I can get out of it.

Decisions! Decisions!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another Project DONE

Although I hate working around the house on Sunday, it was really the only good day to do this project.  My MoG has been working 10 hour shifts in a hot hanger all day long, so when he gets home he is pretty worn out and I try my best not to have a major project for him if I can help it.  So this past Sunday, after church and lunch, we hit the office and the boys room with great gusto to switch the boys to their NEW room.

Emptying the Office of boxes and furniture

Doing as much as we can to empty the boys room before J's nap.
My dining room during the switch
My Living room during the switch.  Piles Piles EVERYWHERE!

The Boys NEW room

 . . . . . and NOW this is what Rachel's room looks like until we get a few more projects done so we can unpack the boxes and start getting to her walls to patch and paint.
The large picture frame we are going to put a US map in and rehang in the boys room.  Some of the other frames that used to hang in the office will be refilled with art work for the boys or Rachel's room and the frames painted depending on which room they are hung in.

I still have things to do in the boys room, such as sewing some accent pillows for their bed in some cute vintage cowboy fabric that I found, hanging some artwork in their room, and emptying the closet (which is locked right now) of some more of my business and craft supplies.  We also ordered a new dresser that matches their bunk bed and soon they will have a little more room and less furniture in their play space.

We finished up the room switch at 7:15PM and I was totally worn out and had to take some Aleve and head to bed.  But I am so glad that we were able to accomplish the room switch in one day and that the boys are happy with their new room.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Photo Flashback

Me at age 1 1/2 or 2 with my favorite friend, my chocolate thumb

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New CRAZY love!

I am having a crazy love affair with Green Giant's mini corn on the cob, I have no idea if it's a pregnancy thing, or just good eats.  I have had it for two nights in a row now, and I am telling you, I am enjoying it SOOOO much I am actually making happy sounds while I am eating it.  My husband loved watching me eat the corn on the cob with such gusto last night, that when he stopped at the store on the way home, he bought a MEGA bag for us to cook up some more tonight, and I ate just as happily as the night before.  
 My ONLY problem . . . . . just as I am about to eat my last cob, and usually the LAST cob on the platter, little J decides he wants corn after all and he wants MINE.  

Willow House Lamps

As usual our Design Team for the Willow House convention did an outstanding job designing the showcase to display all of our beautiful new products for the Fall 2010 catalog.  You can look through the convention photo album HERE and gather many styling tips from the convention displays.  However, some of my co-workers who were able to attend convention this year (I didn't go because I am restricted on my travel) got some detail shots of the beautiful lamps the Design Team made from some of our fantastic vases.  Don't limit yourself to using a vase to display or place flowers in, look at it in a new way and plug it in ;-)
The Bradford Lattice Lantern {Page 60}

Lady Jane Bottleneck Vases {Page 7}

Cinnabar Vase {Page 77}

Royal Street Urn {Page 41}