3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mudplay History Repeats itself

Today I looked out into the back yard and I discovered my daughter doing something I distinctly remember J doing and had also taken pictures off.  So I quickly grabbed my camera and ran outside to capture the moment.

 Hubby powerwashing the sidewalk and patio
 Beach gatherings drying in the sun

History Repeated . . . . .

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My MAN turns 50

Big D turned 50 years old today and we celebrated him in style from the top of the day until the end.  We started the day with taking him out to breakfast, just Rachel and I (the boys were at school).  Then he relaxed around the house all day waiting for the highly anticipated dinner at his favorite restaurant . . . . the Outback with my parents and the kids.  I really made an effort to stretch our paycheck so we could allow for this indulgence and also get D a tablet of his own that he doesn't have to share at all with me ;-)  
I had one very happy 50 year old birthday boy on my hands and the kids behaved very well at dinner.
 Our crazy boys really hamed it up for the family photo after dinner

 After dinner we headed over to the park by the water downtown to fly a huge kite I had bought for Big D's 40th birthday and somehow it NEVER made it into the sky.  We found it the other day in the storage unit and he decided that his 50th was when it needed to fly.  The kids had a blast playing with dad and the kite.

Wonderful day to celebrate a Wonderful MAN!!  
Love you Big D!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter celebrations . . . . . Continued

Because of poor weather we waited until Tuesday when the boys got home from school to do our annual family Easter Egg hunt.  The down side of this was that the rest of the family were not there to join in on the fun like they normally are on Easter Sunday's but it still was a lot of fun.  I did make this a little more balanced this year and limited the boys to finding 30 eggs each so that they each had the same.  Next year I am going to take my nutritionist advice and put change in most of the Easter eggs for the kids to put into their  piggy banks instead of all those jelly beans . . . . . which mommy ends up snitching on all week after Easter.

Our annual Easter family picture had to be taken indoors this year due to weather, taken on 4/20

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Celebrations

 Easter Egg Hunt at our church, unfortunately it had to be moved indoors due to rain.

Rachel sees me on the other side of the gym . . . . .
 and she . . . . .
 runs . . . . .
 straight for me . . . . she came over and hugged me before picking up any eggs.  

 Easter Sunday morning
 R has finally figured out how to rip into a present LOL