3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mary & Marth - Flash Sale!!

To place a Flash Sale order message me on my 
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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter 2016

We had rain here in #ENC so had to move our annual Easter Picture inside to R's bedroom.
Hoping ya'll are having a blessed resurrection Sunday.

From our little #3littleMiracles family to yours!

This year vs. last Easter's picture, OH MY how the boys have grown!!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fashion Purchase Reviews

As you know I have started representing some boutiques through my instagram feed and in addition providing some feedback here on the blog and links within my pintrest feed. At this time I am not being offered ANY free products, I have just been making purchases on my own of items that I am attracted to for my own wardrobe updates and sharing with you some of my not-so-expert opinion on what I think of them. For camparisson sake I am 5'3" and wear a 14/16 and I am a 38D, obviously the models in the original sale pictures are taller and thinner then I ;-)

Today I am going to start with the Kasey Sweater, which arrived yesterday this comes from a shop called the Brass and Barrel.  The Kasey sweater is a loose fit, long sleeve, round neck, hi-low very light weight sweater.  It has a dropped shoulder with rounded hems and a center back seam.  The body is made of brushed hacci slub faric that is a very soft fuzzy texture, providing warmth and great drape.  The sleeves are made with brushed hacci slub rib.

This sweater sells for $25.00 and currently is only available in small and medium.  I am wearing a Large and it runs "roomy".  I would say this is really a all season sweater, because the material is light enough that on cooler summer nights I would wear this with shorts down to the beach for a walk. Although there were some delays in the sweater arriving to me, the seller was very great with communication and kept me informed about restock and when my sweater was on its way, Great Shop to work with and many more great fashions!

This is the MUST HAVE Maxi dress of the season comes form JuJu Lane Boutique.  Currently there are only 4 left 2 Navy Large and 2 Black Small, this sells for $30.00.  I am wearing a size large, it is a little tight on the bust for me but not uncomfortable, the upside to that is I don't have to wear a bra with it, it keeps the girls in tight HAHAHA.  It is long and for my 5'3" frame I may end up having the hem taken up a little before the spring season truly hits here in the south.  But overall this dress is Super Comfortable and I know I am going to LOVE IT!! 

This is made of  95% Modol and 5% Spandex Handwash in Cold Water.  This shipment on this was only delayed because it was a scheduled PRE-ORDER but arrived just as scheduled and packged perfectly from the store.

Finally the Emma Top, I get SOOOOOO many compliments on this top when I wear it. This top comes from the Avadycc shop, the shop owner is super awesome and took great care with my purchase, even calling to comfirm my purchase. Truly is one of my favorite tops of the season but it does run big and wish I had purchased it one size down, but alas stock was limited and XL was my only option.  Presently stock is down to (1) medium left, and I don't imagine they will see a restock of this item at this point in the season.

The Emma Top sells for $29.00.  It  is a lightweight sweater knit tunic that has sheer contrast panels on the sides and at the bottom. This loose fit tunic of neutral coloring makes it easy to match with any pair of leggings or skinny jeans in your closet. The extra bonus with this sweater is the pockets!  Throw a long pendant necklace, and you'll be ready to rock the day.
95% Polyester 5% Spandex
Hand Wash
Made in the USA

You can see these and other fashions at my boutique at 3 little Miracles Boutique HERE or on my Instagram feed.  I'd love to hear feedback from you so leave comments below.

Monday, March 7, 2016

My Style Monday - Thinking of Easter Dresses

With Easter just a few short weeks away I am thinking a lot about what I will wear for Easter this year not only for church but for our annual family Easter photos and the spring-summer season. I have been blessed enough recently to be approached to be a fashion rep using my instagram and social media sights.  The wonderful thing about doing this is that I get to choose the fashions that I place on my instagram feed and ultimatly within my boutique.  SO with me thinking of Easter and Spring I am of course starting to think of cute fun Spring Like Dresses.  I can't help myself, when the chill of winter begins to thaw out here in North Carolina, I start letting my toes peek out in sandles and checking out the spring fashions I want to add to my wardrobe.
Here are just a few of my favorite things.
This is called a "Party Dress" because it comes in 5 color options including, "blue" (that is what they call this), yellow, red, black and white.  This dress is perfect for Spring and only priced at $23.95.  Comes in size range S-XL 
Tahari Jacquard Sheath dress at Belk priced at $128.00.  This comes in sizes 2-16
 I love this Black and Yellow striped Vintage Rockabilly Dress priced at $44.00, very classic and just LOVE the PoP of yellow at the bottom! This comes is sizes S-XXL
Tahari Mixed Media Fit and Flare from Belk for $95.99 on SALE.  Comes in sizes 2-16
High Waist Blue and White striped A-line skirt priced at $42.00, perfect skirt for spring and summer gatherings.  Comes in size range XS-XXL
Back to Basic Black and White striped skirt  priced at $29.00, paired with a black tank like worn on the model or with a classic black silk shell, this skirt would be perfect for any occasion. This comes in sizes S-L

You can see more of my spring and summer picks on my Pinterest My Style Page 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mary & Martha - FLASH SALE!

To place a Flash Sale order message me on my 
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Friday, March 4, 2016

How do they do it?? Fashion Bloggers Photos

I am stumped!  I know there has to be a logical answer but I just don't get it how some fashion bloggers (bloggers period) manage to get these beautiful pictures of themselves that AREN'T selfies but true photographs.  What do they do walk around with their own assistant of photographer all day long asking them to snap pictures of them crossing the street in a cute outfit, sitting on the bike or cooking in the kitchen???

One of my favorite bloggers is Chicago Style Blogger the Fox and She.  I mostly follow her through her instagram feed and LOVE what she posts through her feed there, which of course is a smaller view of blog posts most of the time. But I aspire to capture images like she does (I mean I know I am NOT any where in her league in regards to fashion sense) but I want to speak up for the mom style voice, the more conservative but still fashionable style. I don't have anywhere NEAR the budget that it takes to buy the pieces in her wardrobe but maybe I can find some knock-offs based on the pieces I love that Blair posts. But back to the issue at hand, I totally get how she captures images like this of her fabulous espadrilles that I LOVE so much.
BUT I don't get how she captures images like THIS . . .
Obviously,  Blair didn't take the picture of herself, unless she has her camera set up on a tripod and timer. But what is the trick because I can't hire my own team and I think it would be wrong to start using my son who is homeschooling to start taking my pictures LOL.  (By the way again I love this peasant dress which of course is SOLD OUT and the purse I LOVE but I prefer it in Aqua).  You can find more of Blair's amazing fashion style and where to buy her looks on LiketoKnow.it/foxandshe
West 57th Perforated Mini Satchel in Aqua
Another of my favorite bloggers is Canadian fashion blogger Michelle of Teach in Fashion.  I really love her style sense, it is very classic and I really feel she has a very similar body type to mine so it is easier for me to imagine much of her fashion for myself.  Again I obviously am aware of how Michelle captures images like this of herself in in bedroom mirror or sometimes in a changing room mirror with her smartphone.
But beautiful images like this (and one of my favorite dresses too at Nordstrom) I can only guess that she has someone who photographs her on a set schedule based on what she is blogging about.
You can see Michelle's wonderful fashion sense on her blog, on her instagram feed at @teachinfashion or at LiketoKNOWit/teachinfashion

Here is #MyTake this week on fashion coming out for the Spring lineup from Walmart that is catching my mommy eye:

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Masterbedroom in state of Transformation

Several weeks ago I wrote a post about the reality of our bedroom HERE and the dreams I have for it.  The REALITY is that it has become a dumping ground for everyones things in our small home with little space for storage.  The reality is that it is not much of a sanctuary of peace for my #Mr and I except when we are up on our bed talking to one another.  So we are in the process of trying to change the reality just a little, to get rid of a lot of clutter and make our room our own again.  We recognize that with the square footage that we have in our part of the home we still will need to have a working desk space in our room, but our goal is to make it more sleek and functional.

Here are some photos of our transformation in process.

 We have painted our bedroom SW6477 Tidewater and the trim is high gloss enamel white along with the dresser(s).

We have had these dressers for almost 15 years now and purchased them originally from Lowe's and put a simple light honey stain one them when we first assembled them.  They are solid wood, when I decided our room needed a major makeover I knew theses dressers were first on my list.  We can not afford a lot, but paint and new knobs are within our budget and so I picked up the supplies and last week I began painting while our 2 younger Miracles were at school.  I still have to paint #Mr's dresser but 1 down ;-) 1 more to go.

I found for the best result it was best to paint with door and cabinet small rollers and I did tape off with FROGTAPE (best stuff for painting period). The FROGTAPE gave me nice clean lines inside my drawers so I did not have to paint the whole interior of the drawers.  I know that is lazy of me, but I use drawer liners anyway so I felt OK doing this.  I also taped off the back panel of the dresser since it was not visible and would save me time in having a finished product.
 Although I staged the picture to show the final look, I DID NOT put anything on top of the dresser for about 2 days or close my drawers all the way for the same length of time in order to allow the paint to cure all the way.  Although the paint was fully dry to the touch, paint cures at a different rate and if you place objects on un-cured paint or close drawers/cabinet doors fully, they will have a tendency to stick kinda ruining all the hard work you just did.

 Here is the rest of the bedroom, I truly do love this color in our bedroom, it is a lighter version of the color we have painted in the living room, but it's like sleeping in the sky it is just so peaceful.  We still have many things to fix and settle into place but we have a game plan

 We got rid of the curtains at our bedroom doors and frosted the windows and we LOVE it!! Wish we had done this a long long time ago.  We found the product on the spray paint aisle at Lowe's and I don't think we paid more then $5 for it.  The only bad part was the fumes.  I suffer horribly from migraines and when my husband frosted the door panes I was in bad shape already and add to it the fumes from the spray paint and I was out for a few days afterwards.  My recommendation is that if you take on this project for yourself and have the option, take your doors off the hinges and move the project outside, if that isn't an option, wait until a warm day and open up the house WIDE.  (My husband did FROGTAPE off the door so that the frosting wouldn't over spray onto everything.)  Overall this project was very quick and took a matter of a couple of hours with the taping taking a majoring of that time.
Some of our other room goals, you may have noticed from the photos that we took down our curtains at the windows and we no longer have carpet on the floor.  We plan to replace our window treatment with plantation shutters and long white curtains that go from floor to nearly the ceiling (the shutters are on order from Overstock.com).  The carpet we will be replacing with two runners for either side of the bed.  We have selected the Suzani Rug from Target (the pictures on their website are HORRIBLE for color) we plan on also using a larger area rug of this same design in the living room  just outside our bedroom door.
So that is our room in progress.  I told you I wouldn't hide or lie about what the reality of our life was like.  There isn't any such thing as photoshop that can hide the truth of our storage issues.  We just have to work through them, sell off some junk we no longer need, shred some papers we no longer need, and find new homes for things we still need.  I used to have two plastic file cabinets on either side of the desk I built for my husband for his 40th birthday.  Well I re purposed one of them for my sewing supply storage and moved it back to #R's closet for now until our closet is finished.  The other file cabinet I literally broke down and created storage bins for my homeschool supply shelves (which I will show you in another post some time).

The next step in our bedroom besides painting #Mr's dresser is building a headboard based on my inspiration headboard in this image.
photo credit:  one of my favorite Instragram feeds @the_real_houses_of_ig
So keep coming back for more updates, hopefully this weekend we will make some more progress to show you something good.