3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Monday, February 25, 2013

Journey to a NEW me part 2

I am now 3 weeks post-op today and officially down 41 pounds since starting this journey and 18.5 lbs since surgery day.  I have already gone down two sizes from a 22 to a size 18 . . . . . WOOHOO!

So how has it been?  At times it is miserable to be honest . . .  . . not because I am hungry, but because I am craving the CHEW, the CRUNCH and SAVOURY food . . . . . so sick of sweet stuff (I have never been a sweets person).  I am very fortunate to be connected with a wonderful surgical group that gives amazing pre and post-op care, which includes a VERY specific food schedule.

The first two weeks post-op I was restricted to a liquid diet which included 2oz. protein shakes with 6-8oz of clear liquid in between.  The clear liquid could include sugar free popsicles, sugar free jello OR Unjury protein chicken broth.  The popsicles became my BEST FRIEND because it provided me with the CHEW that I so desperately wanted.
The funny part is I literally called my nutritionist one day CRYING because I was so desperate for the CHEW that I ate like 3 popsicles one right after the other and thought I had BLOWN it and totally cheated. Thank the Lord Jamie (my nutritionist) calmed me down and assured me that I had not cheated and said I actually could have had 1 more :-)  Apparently each popsicle is worth 2oz of clear liquid . . . . .  PHEW!

The second phase of the post-op diet has been hard, because it is pureed food and making sure I get in 60 grams of protein + 60 oz. of liquid each day.  I have not gotten in my full 60 oz of water a single day since coming home from surgery, I can barely get in 30-40 oz(so I am dehydrated) .  The problem is the schedule.  When you have gastric bypass surgery you are supposed to retrain yourself to NOT drink during a meal and for 30 minutes before and after.  The reason for this is it is essential that you fill your now smaller stomach with the necessary proteins that you need rather then liquid (which will make you feel fuller).  It is hard to believe for most people considering GPS that you will actually survive on 2 oz of food and that you will be full, and even more surprising not wanting it at all because your not hungry AT ALL (which is my big problem).  The best way I can describe it is to say it is like following a newborns feeding schedule and your not sure if your supposed to eat OR drink 30 minutes after you started eating (which your supposed to take 15-30 minutes to eat) OR 30 minutes after you finish eating, so the result is you are CONSTANTLY thinking about food OR drink and trying to stay on schedule for the day.

For exercise I am walking in my neighborhood.  I will be honest and say the days it is raining or super cold I have a difficult time getting out there, but I am enjoying my walks and can't wait for when I can lift my little girl and take her with me for a fast paced stroll.  Technically I am still restricted from lifting her for another 4 weeks because I am not allowed to lift anything over 10 pounds (she currently weighs 21.5 lb).  I pray they will actually release me to lift her at my 4 week checkup this coming Monday, March 4th.

So this is my current stats:
Weight:  pre-op day of surgery 239.5            current weight:  221
BMI:     pre-op  43.4 (morbidly obese)         current:             39.5  (obese)
Body Fat:  48.2  (goal 23-34)
Body Water:  37.6  (goal 45-60)
Muscle:  108.6 (50%)  should be 60%
Burning Calories:  1636
Bone Mass:  5.8  (should be 6.5)
Visceral Fat:  13  (should be 1-12)

Goal is to be under 200 by my next nutrition check-in, then 167.47 by my 5-6 month check in which would put me in the overweight category and finally out of the obese category.  My final weight goal is 139.47 but I really want to get about 10 pounds under that so I have some weight gain room when I go on maintenance.

I am feeling good and looking forward to what is ahead.  I just need to break myself of the daily stepping on scale, because that can be discouraging, it is more about the fit of the clothes that I need to pay attention to at this time, not the number between my toes

I have already started selling my size 22/24 clothes because I don't plan to EVER return to them and have made $41 dollars so far toward picking up a few things.  I promised my husband I wouldn't go crazy buying new clothes and would only look at consignment stores and only buy NEW under clothes as I need them LOL.  So besides the weight loss I am looking forward to picking up some new fashion, so I am filling up my Pinterest board with things I am loving right now.

So far the Journey to a NEW me is going well, I'll keep you posted ;-)

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