3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ghost Feet

So with all of my SPARE time getting ready for Rachel's 1st birthday party, I decided to add a craft project to my list, HA.  I saw this adorable project on Pinterest that inspired me and I just had to do it because ONE it was cute and TWO I thought it was an adorable way to see the kids growth, plus I wanted to add something else to our fall decor.  Here is the inspiration photo from Pinterest (this project was original pinned from this sweet blog called Miner Moments)
Source: None via Laura Ann on Pinterest

And here is our finished reproduction:
Very fun craft project to do for Halloween with the kids and super easy to do.  Just get a blank canvas from Walmart or a local craft store, spray paint it matte black.  After it drys use white acrylic paint to create the ghosts and writing.  I recommend that if your not steady with your painting skills that you lightly write your children's names and other wording with pencil and then use a small tip brush to write in white paint over the top.  The best way to create the ghosts is to put a small amount of white paint on a plate and spread it out  for your child to step in, make sure the bottom of their foot is covered well. Then gently help them place their foot where you want it placed on the canvas, in our case I wanted my oldest sons foot in the middle and the other two on either side, you may choose a stair step design.  After the white paint has dried fully, go back and add black eyes to each ghost, and if you have a little girl add a little ribbon.  I wish I had a tiny orange ribbon to make a bow but all I had was pink so that is what color bow ghost Rachel has.  

I love how this project turned out and it will probably be something I do each year while the kids are young.  I think this would also be great for a Babies first Halloween project.  I hope you had fun seeing our Saturday craft project and that you will give it a try with your kids or grandkids.

Happy Halloween Y'all!!


  1. That is way cute, Laura! I wish the kids were younger (the older ones at least), so I could something like that. We'd have to have like a 10 ft board or something now. LOL! Love the little Rachel "ghost" with the teeny ribbon. So precious!

  2. Oh I have seen this on Pinterest too but not sure how it will look with only Blaze's footprint on it lol. Hopefully with God's blessings we will have another miracle one day. I sure would love him to have a sibling. Of course a girl would be awesome!!