3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bumbo today Gone tomorrow

I bought Rachel's a Bumbo seat on Friday at Target . . . . .
Tuesday Rachel's PT instructor said she hated them and that it would hinder Rachel's muscle development for sitting on her own . . . . .

and Wednesday I returned it :-(

Although I have heard many praises about the use of Bumbo seats and how much little ones enjoy sitting in them, I am trying to stick to the advice of our PT instructor Kathy and stick to the exercises and movements to teach Rachel how to sit on her own.  I will miss the Bumbo, because in the few days that we had it, I loved seeing her sitting in it and she enjoyed seeing things from a different position.  Oh well . . . . . by Bumbo :-(

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  1. we had one too but our ped said he didn't recommend them and that they could actually harm their backs if they sat in them too much. I would hope nobody would leave them in there long enough for that to happen but you know there are those people out there that would. I hate that you had to return it but you are doing the right thing by following what the pt says.