3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Next BIG step for our littlest Miracle: Rachel's 1st day of Pre-K

 Rachel started Pre-K today.  We had to wait  until Rachel literally turned 3 on the 21st before she qualified to attend Pre-K through the state at one of our local elementary schools.  The wonderful thing about this preschool program is that it is a mixed class of special needs and "normal" kids (in her class the ratio is 7 to 4, 4 of which have special needs).  We are very optimistic that this will be a great learning environment for Rachel and that she will pick up a lot, especially in her communication, by learning from her peers.  Another wonderful thing about this program, is that all of her therapy happens right in the classroom.  

Rachel will be receiving OT, PT, and Speech therapy, however we have also opted at this time for her to continue her private speech therapy twice a week on the two days she is not at Pre-K

And so my mommy time has begun :-) even if it is only to two half days out of the week.  After Christmas break we will re-evaluate to see if Rachel would benefit from being in school all day on the two days she is there.

 (Dress from Smocked by Stellybelly)


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