3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, March 4, 2016

How do they do it?? Fashion Bloggers Photos

I am stumped!  I know there has to be a logical answer but I just don't get it how some fashion bloggers (bloggers period) manage to get these beautiful pictures of themselves that AREN'T selfies but true photographs.  What do they do walk around with their own assistant of photographer all day long asking them to snap pictures of them crossing the street in a cute outfit, sitting on the bike or cooking in the kitchen???

One of my favorite bloggers is Chicago Style Blogger the Fox and She.  I mostly follow her through her instagram feed and LOVE what she posts through her feed there, which of course is a smaller view of blog posts most of the time. But I aspire to capture images like she does (I mean I know I am NOT any where in her league in regards to fashion sense) but I want to speak up for the mom style voice, the more conservative but still fashionable style. I don't have anywhere NEAR the budget that it takes to buy the pieces in her wardrobe but maybe I can find some knock-offs based on the pieces I love that Blair posts. But back to the issue at hand, I totally get how she captures images like this of her fabulous espadrilles that I LOVE so much.
BUT I don't get how she captures images like THIS . . .
Obviously,  Blair didn't take the picture of herself, unless she has her camera set up on a tripod and timer. But what is the trick because I can't hire my own team and I think it would be wrong to start using my son who is homeschooling to start taking my pictures LOL.  (By the way again I love this peasant dress which of course is SOLD OUT and the purse I LOVE but I prefer it in Aqua).  You can find more of Blair's amazing fashion style and where to buy her looks on LiketoKnow.it/foxandshe
West 57th Perforated Mini Satchel in Aqua
Another of my favorite bloggers is Canadian fashion blogger Michelle of Teach in Fashion.  I really love her style sense, it is very classic and I really feel she has a very similar body type to mine so it is easier for me to imagine much of her fashion for myself.  Again I obviously am aware of how Michelle captures images like this of herself in in bedroom mirror or sometimes in a changing room mirror with her smartphone.
But beautiful images like this (and one of my favorite dresses too at Nordstrom) I can only guess that she has someone who photographs her on a set schedule based on what she is blogging about.
You can see Michelle's wonderful fashion sense on her blog, on her instagram feed at @teachinfashion or at LiketoKNOWit/teachinfashion

Here is #MyTake this week on fashion coming out for the Spring lineup from Walmart that is catching my mommy eye:


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