3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, February 18, 2011

Show Us Your Life - Alma Mater

I am a graduate of the College of Architecture at UNC Charlotte 2001 and a proud 49er Miner! 
Prior to UNC Charlotte, I had gotten my two year associates degree in Interior Design and had prayed for God to direct my path from there.  I struggled with whether to follow my life dream of a career in architecture or to get my Bach. in Interior Design.  I heard of an opportunity for non-traditional students at UNCC and submitted my application, I was admitted, but not directly into the COA.  So I took a year of general classes and went through the admissions interview again for the COA and was admitted the following year doing their 4 year track program.
Architecture school was amazing, difficult, and not what I had expected.  I truly enjoyed the studio setting and the push that the professors gave for us to expand our thinking outside the box of the way we normally processed a space or idea.  However, I found that my design process from ID school was very challenged and I felt like the COA didn't take practical, daily design into consideration as much I felt they should.  I felt like they were always trying to produce the next Frank Owen Gehry, instead of teaching the things "normal" architects would be dealing with such as a space furniture can actually fit into, handicap accessibility, and code issues that effect design.
My favorite time in studio was at night (there where a LOT of late nights) when the building was quiet (most of the time) and work was uninterrupted by classes and professors.  Although I appreciate my education from the COA, after I graduated I found that my desire was to have a career in ID (of course I have now put that career off due to 3 little Miracles, and I pray to one day return to it). 

While on campus I worked as a Resident Advisor for four of the five years I was there.  It was a bit unusual for me to live on campus as a non-traditional student, but I really enjoyed my experience.  My final year I was an RA in the newly built Laurel Hall, it was a challenging year because the first year in a new building means you experience working out all of the kinks, but of all my years on campus it was my favorite (of course that might be because I was getting ready to graduate and planning my wedding).  In fact my dorm room is still pictured on the campus website, HA.

UNC Charlotte is an amazing school and in an amazing city "the Queen City".  I have only been back to the campus once and already it has changed so much, I hope to go  back again sometime soon and see the new buildings and plans for the future.  I know they are already working on a football team for UNC and when they are up and running (no pun intended) I will be one of their biggest cheerleaders.

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