3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What I have been busy doing

Why I havent been posting as much . . . . .
Prior to kids this process seemed so much easier and always got done by late January early February.  BUT each year it seems to get more difficult to find the time to gather all the materials to do our TAXES when I don't have kids pulling at me or messing with my stacks of organized papers.  This year was even tougher because I no longer have the office to spread my paperwork out in, so I had to work on the dinning table which was very vulnerable to little hands and had to be packed up each time I was done for the day.  The biggest headache seems to be organizing and going through all the medical to see if it is worth itemizing . . . . . for sure this past year was worth reporting.  I am also trying to determine if it will be worth reporting my business information since I didn't really do much with it this past year due to the difficulty of my pregnancy, gathering that paperwork will be another headache but probably worth it in the end.  
Hopefully today will be the day I get it finished and I can move forward with other projects around the house.

Things I do to try and be a little organized for tax season each year:
1.  A good file system for medical records for each family member and records I normally report on our taxes (Property taxes, Car info, Utility bills (for business), and College loans/funds) so that it is a quick grab each tax season.
2.  Keep a tax workbook in Excel and TRY to update it each quarter so the end of year entry goes faster.
3.  A multi section accordian file to put each group of paperwork after I have entered it in my tax spreadsheet or tax program.