3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Monday, November 14, 2011

What's for Dinner Tonight from Pinterest

Easiest Crockpot Chicken Dinner EVER

Another great recipe from Pinterst that is the EASIEST Chicken recipe I have literally ever prepared.

All you will need is:
3 lb bag of frozen chicken tenders
(1) 8oz. block of cream cheese (do not use FAT FREE!)
Can of Corn, drained
Can of black beans, drained
Can of Rotel
(the original recipe does not call for S&P but I found it needed it, so add Salt & Pepper to taste)
  • Place FROZEN chicken into crockpot
  • Put cream cheese on top of chicken
  • Put remaining drained Corn and Beans, along with Rotel on top
  • Cover & Cook on low for 6-8 hours and serve over rice.
  • Stir ever 2 hours
The end result will be a little soupy, but allow it to stand for 30 minutes OR so after it has finished cooking and it will thicken a little, but the rice will soak up a lot of the juice.  I served ours with the tenders whole, but you can also shred them.  This recipe produces portions that will serve 6-8 adults, so if you don't eat it all the first go round you could always shred the left overs and freeze it for taco night (which is what I did because we had about half a crockpot left because my parents didn't eat with us tonight).
Really easy and REALLY Yummy . . . . . for sure one I will be adding to the rotating family menu.  Guess it's chicken taco's next week with the left overs, HA.

You can find this and more recipes I have tried OR plan to try Here.

Happy Cooking!


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