3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mural Growth Chart Finally Complete

This project only took me YEARS to complete . . . . . no seriously it really did (started 2010) and I feel all kinds of shame in that, but I am proud of the finished product and can only claim busy life on why it didn't get done prior to this. I started this mural back when this room was the boys room and didn't get it completed mainly because it was difficult to find a time to get in the room when the boys weren't in there and wanting to play in my paints OR run their fingers across the painting (that happened the first time I painted Zebra Boy).  So the Zebra Boy and Giraffe have lived on the wall since early 2010 and I just added the vine and details the last few days.

We used to measure the boys in the kitchen, but when I redid the kitchen we painted over it and I decided I would move the growth chart to the boys room. I wish I could find a picture of it when I originally started it and it was on the boys green wall, but I have searched and searched through my blog posts and can't find it. I took art when I was in design school and architecture school, so I can do fairly well drawing and painting and I based the animals on Macy add's I saw in Martha Stewart magazine (I have a giraffe, monkey, zebra, and mother kangaroo).  I recently got hired to do a mural at Rachel's physical therapist's office based on the partially finished product of this mural that she saw every time she came to our home to do Rachel's therapy (I will show you pictures of the PT office mural when I finish it soon).  Here are a few more close up pictures of the finished growth chart mural, I plan on using paint pens to mark the kids heights.  When we painted over the chart in the kitchen we were smart enough to write down all the information that we already had there, so the boys height records will be going back onto this chart along with Rachel's.
Via Cellphone while in progress
SO finally one more thing got checked off the MASTER LIST!

MY Honey and Me-Do-List:
(1/2 Done) Take down white paneling in bathroom and re-surface walls
Paint Bathroom
Change out bathroom light fixture
Install new bathroom towel bars, hooks, etc.
Paint kitchen new color (still to be selected)
Touch up paint in living room and dining room
Make Dining room roman shade or valances
Remove window seat in Dining Room
Patch and finish flooring where window seat WAS
Refinish china hutch and install new molding details on it
Make new toss pillows for sofa
Make valance for slider
Frame family photo and hang in LR
Build new shelves in Master Bedroom
Revamp desk and put in Master Bedroom
Finish small closet in MB and install shelves for office storage
Paint MB closet dressers white and install new drawer pulls
Paint MB and touch up Molding
Re-upholster makeup stool
Upholstered headboard?
New lamps in MB
Flat Screen TV in MB
Paint Rachel's Room
Finish growth chart mural in RR

Install new curtain hardware in Rachel's room
Re-upholster rocker for Rachel's room
Paint bookshelf for RR
Paint crib
Buy a rug for RR
Paint picture frames for RR white
Buy a rug for boys room
Frame cowboy prints and map for boys room


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