3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Hobby and Exercise

Peddlers Cove - Touring Kayak Eddyline Fathom in Teal
Many years ago my brother gave my boys and my nephew Caleb two kayak's.  I have always wanted to go out on the river and try the kayak for myself but was so afraid of the FAT girl tipping over and also not actually fitting the life vest and into the kayak.

Well as of a few months ago I finally felt good enough about where I was in my weight loss and my potential of being able to fit into the kayak, have the energy to paddle for a while and enjoy my time.  Well I have and I do, it is now a hobby I love, especially because it gives me quiet time and something with great potential of doing as a family (the boys love kayaking down in the shallows of the river bank).
1st trip out on the river - May 27, 2013
So now that I have been going out for a couple months and have explored some of the creeks around out area, I am starting to think about a PINK kayak with a little better quality for river running and straighter tracking to them that I would also be able to take down east and be in the inner coastal waterway.

Pyranha - Fusion in PINK
Paddlers Cove - Necky Rip 10 in Cloud

I am so glad I have a new hobby that I love and that also is helping me on my journey to loosing weight.
Currently weighing 186


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