3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nativity with Gram and Gramp

It is amazing to me that we have now lived with my parents for 10 years this November.  With 10 years of living together there are many ups and downs, but most of all this style of living brings many many blessings.  Today was another example of the blessings that  come from this joint venture of life we are on with my parents.

The annual set up of the nativity!

The past several years as the boys have gotten older and more responsible they have started helping mom and dad set up the nativity in the front yard.  It is such a wonderful thing seeing them helping, but most of all it is wonderful watching them create wonderful memories with my parents that will last them all of their lives.  I know that in the years ahead my father's condition will make it harder to celebrate these special moments, but hopefully the wonderful memories of working along side him will help to erase the years ahead when dad can't remember and will likely be unable to physically do many of the things he does now.

BUT for now we celebrate the tradition and enjoy each moment of it.

The boys getting the hay ready to come off the truck
A little tractor-trailer ride around the yard from Grandma

Making the manger cozy for Jesus, Marie and Joseph

What Christmas traditions are you already celebrating this Christmas season?


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