3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, September 24, 2010

Show Us your Life - Master Bedroom

This Friday's blogging activity with Kelly's Korner is Show Us Your Life- Master Bedrooms, and I am so with Kelly on this one, of all the rooms in my house it is my least favorite one to show off.  WHY?  Because it is the catch all room, and seems to always be in transition and the last room to focus my decorating efforts on because it's just easier to close the door when company comes.  So here is our catch all, transition, hope to finish decorating one day Master Bedroom.
Our bedroom is such a collection of furniture pieces across the years.  The hope chest at the foot of the bed is one I picked for my 16th birthday (which was a LONG time ago).  Our bed is a select comfort, but we never bought a nice bed to put it on, so its up on lifts with no bed skirt, UGH.  However, I do love my bedding, it is a discontinued duvet and sham set from Pottery Barn.
This is my dressing table, I want to re-upholster the stool to coordinate with the bedding.  I also want to get some wall mounted lights for both sides of the bed to free up space on both of our bedside tables.
Our brand new bookshelves (my MoG still has to finish the crown molding). THIS is what I mean by transitional, still need to decorate, catch all bedroom.  The table was the table my father grew up eating at and will soon be moved to our storage unit because I have idea where else to use it.  Soon it will be replaced with a desk that I built for my husband on his 40th birthday that we just modified to fit in this space to make up for our home office becoming a bedroom.  The picture over the desk is going to be replaced with a flat screen TV and I am probably going to mount a white craft supply cabinet to the adjacent wall to complete my office storage.
I still need to pick up the bassinet bedding from the dry cleaner.  I also plan to purchase some baskets for the shelves or organize smaller things like mail, ribbon, and business/craft stamps.
Finally tucked beside the table for now, is the bedding that I need to start assembling for Rachel's room. 

Updates I hope to do soon in our room after Rachel nursery projects are finished.
I would love to have or make an upholstered headboard like this
If I don't buy or make a tufted headboard, then this is the style bed I love.

Next weeks assignment:  Show Us Your Life - Dining Rooms
I can't wait for this one because it will be all decorated for Halloween and our new PB Halloween Calendar will be up on the wall helping us to countdown to Rachel and Halloween celebrations.

Show Us Your Life Schedule through November:
10/8 - Kitchen
10/15 - Office
10/22 - Children's rooms
10/29 - Guest Room
11/5 - Bathrooms
11/12 - Playrooms/Bonus Rooms/Laundry Rooms
11/19 - Foyers/Entry ways


  1. I did a padded headboard and they are so easy to do. Makes a huge difference. Seems like bedrooms are always the last ones to do. I need to move some furniture out of mine, kind of crowded. Oh well, time, money and motivation are huge factors. lol Hugs, Marty

  2. OMG, my master is the same way!!! Glad its not just me!