3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Phone DUMP

Jon has started back to school and I am now getting to have my ME time, which includes Gym Therapy and Retail Therapy.  Because Rachel is still under 12 months old, she is not allowed to be in the childcare at the gym for more then an hour, so I use the rest of my "preschool" ME time to go window shopping and this is my finds from my two days this week.
Stocking stuffers for the boys:
Potential Christmas Gifts for the boys:

Visit to New River Pottery
Halloween and Fall Decorations:
This little witch would look so cute sitting on one of my living room shelves.
I love these serving pieces, I may have to pick up a bunch for Rachel's 1st birthday party on the 21st of October.
 LOVE LOVE LOVE this little house, it lights up!!
 and for Thanksgiving  
 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  New River Pottery was beginning to set up its Christmas displays which is always so thrilling for me, because the set up like a dozen or more glorious trees and the store is covered with Christmas decor, I get so many ideas from this store.  I will have to go back in a week when they have everything set up and get some more pictures and see everything unpacked from the boxes.
I love these ornaments, I bought ones like this last year for the kids, and now I can buy this years "present" ornaments, I just need to find a pink package for Rachel.
 I love this series of ornaments, I may have to get all 4 Love, Joy, Peace, & Hope
I HAVE to get this to put on top of Rachel's book shelves in her bedroom.
 and this ribbon would look wonderful as the garland on her white Christmas tree this year.

Home Decor:
Floor Lamp for Living Room that I found at Target
 This storage ottoman was only $19.99 at Target, and I am looking for a stool in Rachel's room to go with her rocker, at that price it could work and I could reupholster it.

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  1. Great finds! That store seems fun and inspiring. That ribbon would look so good on a white tree.

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